By: Matt Locke

As summer heats up, so does the competition among racquet makers. HEAD has already expanded its use of Graphene to the rest of their racquet line, so summer is the prime opportunity for the HEAD Extreme frame line to get an update. Graphene is the world’s lightest and strongest material and it allows HEAD to redistribute the weight to the tip and tail of the frames in order to produce maximum handling and power. The Extreme is already an excellent entry in the “modern” style racquet segment, with impressive spin and power. Now those frames are improved upon with the release of three different HEAD Graphene Extreme models. Here is a quick look at each of the new models in the Extreme series:

Extreme ProPlayers who want the power and weight needed to dictate play will love the Graphene Extreme Pro. At 11.6 oz (strung), it is the heaviest model in the line and offers advanced players the ability to hit a heavy, massive ball. The 24/26/23mm variable beam width and 70 RA stiffness ensures that there is plenty of power on tap from anywhere on the court. The weight of the frame also allows it absorb pace and play excellent on defense.  The 100 square inch head size and rounder head shape provide a large sweet spot while still offering exceptional control. Despite the racquet’s overall weight, maneuverability is high thanks to the head light balance. This makes it easy to accelerate the racquet through contact and generate tremendous amounts of spin on both ground strokes and serves. The balance also makes the frame perform nimbly at the net, allowing players to attack volleys and finish points quickly. The open 16×19 string pattern provides excellent access to spin while still giving the player directional control. Players with advanced strokes who can handle the weight will find the ability to control the court with spin and power when they play with the Graphene Extreme ProExtreme MP

The Graphene Extreme MP will appeal to intermediate to advanced players who want a fast frame with plenty of spin and power on tap. The racquet’s 11.1oz (strung) weight makes it light enough to accelerate through the hitting zone while still offering a solid level of stability. The 100 square inch head provides a generous sweet spot and forgiveness on off center contact. The racquet provides plenty of power and a lively feel, courtesy of its 70 RA stiffness and 24/26/23mm variable beam width. The racquet’s head light balance, coupled with its lighter overall weight, ensures that it is easy to maneuver and capable of tremendous racquet head speed for maximum spin. The frame transitions to net easily, handling reflex volleys quickly and offering enough power to finish balls. With a 16×19 string pattern, players have access to excellent spin production while also being able to control the ball accurately. Players who want excellent power and spin generation in a fast and lighter package will enjoy the Graphene Extreme MP.

The Graphene Extreme Lite is an excellent fit for transitioning juniors as well as players needing a powerful, spin friendly frame that is easy to swing. The racquet’s 9.8oz (strung) weight makes it easy to swing from anywhere on the court. The 100 square inch head size gives players a substantial sweet spot without sacrificing control. The racquet provides easy access to power with its 24/26/23mm variable beam width. In order to offset the reduced weight and boost stability, the Lite has an even balance. This provides extra pop on ground strokes and also provides increased stability against bigger hitters. The frame offers excellent maneuverability at net while also offering enough power to finish volleys. Touch and feel are slightly softer in this model due to its lower 62 RA stiffness. This provides excellent variety at the net as well as other areas of the court. The 16×19 string pattern provides a blend of control and excellent spin generation. Developing players of any age will find the Graphene Extreme Lite easy to use, with excellent spin, power and feel available.

The Extreme series from HEAD was already an excellent racquet that provided players with massive spin and power while also offering excellent touch and feel for a “modern” frame. With the addition of Graphene, HEAD has now made the series more maneuverable and powerful than ever. With every one of their performance frame lines now updated with Graphene technology, HEAD is poised to dominate courts everywhere this summer and beyond. Be sure to demo the new Graphene Extreme range today from Tennis Express and add extreme spin and power to your game next time you step on court!

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