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Use the Tennis Express Demo program to find the perfect racquet for your game!  Select up to four different demo racquets for a one week rental.  Demos are complimentary  -- just pay roundtrip shipping costs starting at $17.99 for ground delivery.  A pre-paid UPS return label will be provided for return shipping.   Sorry, we do NOT accept Gift Cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay as payment on demo orders.   If you need to extend your demo rental, please contact customer service at (713) 435-4800 or email the demo department at Demos@TennisExpress.com.


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How do I get started?
Select a manufacturer above to view available demo racquets. Choose up to 4 racquets you would like to demo and enter the quantity *majority of our demos racquets are in grip size 4_3/8.* . Click "Add to Cart" and you will be directed to the checkout page where you may enter your payment information. For any additional questions regarding demos, please call Demo Program Department at 713-435-4816. You can also take advantage of our Daily Demo Program to come in store at a pre-selected time to speak with a racquet specialist and try out a few racquets!
When will I receive my demos and how long can I keep them?
We will ship the demo racquets via UPS Ground from our warehouse in Houston, Texas. You should receive your demos within 2-4 business days of placing your order, depending on your location. You have one week from the day you receive the demos until you need to return them. For example, if you receive the demos on a Monday, you will need to ship them back the following Monday.

How do I ship them back?
Return the demos to the original box, affix the enclosed return address label, and drop the box off at one of the thousands of conveniently located, manned UPS locations (Go to UPS to find the location nearest to you.) DO NOT leave the demo racquet box outside an unmanned drop box or with any carrier other than UPS. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service department at 713-435-4818 and they will be happy to assist.
**There are no additional fees when you return the racquets, assuming you've returned them on time.

What if I don't return them on time?
In order for all of our customers to have a chance to demo our racquets, it is important that they are returned to us on time. You will receive a reminder e-mail prior to the return date. If the racquets are shipped back late, you will be charged $2.00 per racquet, per day that it is late. If we are unable to reach you after 7 days late, your credit card will be charged the full retail price for each racquet.

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