Laserfibre Native Tour The First Polyester String Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

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Though the Laserfibre brand has been around a while, the string manufacturer is coming into its own with a solid blend of multi-filament and polyester string offerings. See the chart at the bottom of the page for a guide to Softer (more powerful) and firmer (more control) Laserfibre Strings offered at Tennis Express.

Laser 1200 is a fantastic arm friendly option for players looking for excellent energy return and comfort. The string has 1200 microfibers and a TPU resin to add touch and forgiveness that rivals top multi-filaments in the market today. Laserfibre also offers the more crisp and responsive Supreme 2.0. With a firmer-more durable feel, Supreme incorporates 20% PEM microfibers within the 1200 plus multi-filament fibers all bound together via PU resin for added comfort and playability. Though still a comfortable string, players will find Supreme to be long-lasting, have exceptional tension maintenance and be a great choice to hybrid with a polyester for a strong blend of control and feel.  Laser 1200 is offered in 16g (1.30mm) and Supreme 2.0 is available in both 16 gauge (1.30mm) and 17g (1.25mm)  both of which are in a natural color. Right now at Tennis Express, but one set of Supreme 2.0 and get a second set free!

Laserfibre Laser 1200 Laserfibre Supreme 2.0

Co-polyester strings have grown substantially in popularity and Laserfibre has a number of offerings for a wide spectrum of player preferences. Vorso offers a softer and more comfortable string bed than traditional polyester strings. With its twisted profile, players will enjoy enhanced grip on their shots without sacrificing ball feel. Laserfibre recommends pre-stretching Vorso for a shorter break-in period and excellent longevity. Vorso has unreal playability with both a stiffness and elongation on par several multi-filament strings on the market. The string comes in a sleek black color in 16 gauge (1.28mm) and 17 gauge (1.23mm). 

Laserfibre Vorso

Laserfibre’s most recent offering, Native Tour, is the first co-polyester string made in the U. S. A. Native Tour appears to be a white color, but according to Laserfibre there is no dye added during construction. Native Tour appears to be a white color, but according to Laserfibre there is no dye added during construction allowing for enhanced playability and performance. They incorporate a proprietary additive during the manufacturing process giving Native Tour a one-of-a-kind feel. Though most in the industry recommend reducing tension on polyester, Native Tour is arm friendly, pliable and powerful. This is a wonderful option for a player who is beginning to break non-polyester strings consistently, and wants to dip their toes into polyester waters without worrying about arm trouble. Native Tour is a good fit as well for players interested in a poly/poly hybrid where Native Tour could be the main or cross string, paired with a firmer option like Edge or Smooth. Native Tour is available now in 17 gauge (1.25mm) and soon to be available in 16g (1.30mm). Right now at Tennis Express, but one set of Native Tour and get a second set free!

Laserfibre Native Tour

Laserfibre has two polyester options on the firmer side of the polyester spectrum in Laser Edge, and Laser Smooth. Edge, a bit firmer than Smooth, is a shaped 7-sided string designed to carve up tennis balls!  The string offers maximum control and good durability for players who take big cuts from all areas of the court. Laser Smooth, as the name suggests is a round string with great snap-back ability. It has outstanding durability and provides great control for players generating excessive amounts of racquet head speed. Laser Edge and Laser Smooth will not create much power, so if power is a necessity give Vorso, Supreme 2.0, or  Laser 1200 a look. Laser Smooth is available in a bright blue color in 16 gauge (1.28mm) while Laser Edge comes in anthracite in 16 gauge (1.29mm) and 17 gauge (1.24mm).

Laserfibre Laser Edge Laserfibre Laser Smooth

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Laserfibre Native Tour The First Polyester String Designed and Made in the U.S.A.