Yonex VCore SV Overview

Yonex has officially recognized the need for spin in the modern tennis game. The introduction of the new Yonex VCore SV line of frames is a clear indication of their desire to put spin at the forefront. The SV series takes advantage of AeroFin technology from the Tour F line. This series of grooves along the hoop cut down on air resistance, making it easier to accelerate the racquet through contact. The new line also incorporates SV framed design. This consists of Nanometric XT Carbon at the top of the hoop for more flexibility and dwell time and more aerodynamic bottom of the hoop for more energy transfer on contact. The racquets also use the time tested Isometric head shape to enhance the sweet spot and deliver even more responsiveness. With so many innovations, Yonex is rolling out a host of options in the SV lineup so that players of all levels and styles can find the right fit.vcsv95-x

Traditionalists who are nostalgic for the times when midsize frames dominated tennis will have a new option in the VCore SV 95. It small, maneuverable head and 21mm beam make it incredibly fast, both off the ground and at net. Its 11.4oz weight and healthy swingweight give it the capability to hit with crushing power from the back of the court. The headlight balance gives it the quick reflexes necessary to control the net. Targeting is precise and nearly automatic feeling with this model as the 16×20 pattern offers a great blend of spin and accuracy. Anybody looking for the ultimate scalpel to take on court will; find what they want with the VCore SV 95.

Playvcsv98-1-4ers who want a blend of precision and additional power and spin will have multiple options in the 98 inch head size VCore SV frames. For more advanced players who want to hit a bigger ball, the VCore SV 98 has an 11.3oz strung weight perfect for dictating play from the baseline. The 22mm beam offers access to solid but controllable power and it allows players to paint the lines with accuracy. The headlight balance keeps it maneuverable at the net, ensuring players come out on top of quick exchanges. For those who want the same attributes in an easier to swing package, Yonex has the VCore SV 98 Lite. By reducing the weight to 10.6oz strung, the frame whips through contact for maximum pace and spin. A balance point closer to even keeps the racquet stable and provides a bit of extra punching power. For developing players and juniors who need the lightest precision available, there is the VCore SV Team. It keeps the 98 inch head but has a slightly thicker 23mm beam for a bit of vcsv98lt-1-1extra power. The lighter weight and 16×19 pattern ensure that spin is easy to come by for any player. A more even balance gives players the stability and accessible power that they need as they develop and grow more confident.

The VCore SV 100 and 100 Lite put a bit more emphasis on the power side of the equation. Both models use a thicker 25/25/22mm beam for excellent power production. At 11.1oz strung, the SV 100 is thevcsv100-1 perfect blend of powerful depth and quick acceleration. The headlight balance helps generate plenty of spin and it also allows the frame to be nimble at the net. The SV 100 Lite drops the weight to 10.4oz but moves more of it toward the head for extra power and stability. Its lighter weight makes it fast through contact, giving players easy access to speed and spin. Both frames use a 16×19 pattern to blend spin production with the grip necessary for control and accuracy.

Those who need the maximum in forgiveness and easy power should look at the VCore SV 105. The 105 inch Isometric head offers the largest sweet spot and most forgiveness in the entire line. At 9.8oz strung, it is easy for anyone to speed through contact and keep good pace on the ball. Its 26/26/23mm beam provides easy access to power and the nearlyvcsv100lt-1-x even balance provides solid stability for its weight class and a bit of extra power. The racquet is light enough to maneuver at the net and has enough power to make short work of many balls. The 16×18 pattern offers comfortable response and a mixture of spin and control that will help any player swing with confidence.

The latest lineup from Yonex has a wide array of options. From a throwback mid that offers surgical precision to an incredibly forgiving and powerful game improvement frame, Yonex has left nobody out in the cold with the new VCore SV racquet line. With more and more visibility and big time wins on the pro tours, Yonex is povcsv105-1-2ised to become an increasingly popular option around the world for its diverse and player friendly options.