Social-distancing versions of Tennis? 10 Creative Ways To Play Tennis At Home!

10 Creative Ways To Tennis At Home

The year started with the promise of some brilliant tennis. Whether you look forward to watching the nail-biting grand slams, winning that cross-club league, or simply hitting the court for a friendly tennis sesh with your friends, your plans no longer stand. But, like the rest of the world, we’ve adapted. From online pro tournaments, to creative ways to play tennis at home, the tennis world has found ways to incorporate the sport we love so much, into our new normal. Roger is volleying off walls, and Rafa’s sofas are his new net.

Tennis during Quarantine:

Here at Tennis Express, we asked the tennis community to share with us their ingenious ways of playing tennis during quarantine. Using the hashtags #TennisAtHome and #TennisExpress, the online world of tennis players got to work, and inspired all of us with their spirit! Here are our favorite 10:

1. This guy combined his love of naps with his love for tennis to get through quarantine!

2. Agus Herrero took a page off of the RF playbook and took to the court wall.

3. There’s no stopping Gabriel! No wonder Coco Gauff wants to be his mixed doubles partner!

4. New Bryan Brothers on the block? We think so!

5. At only 7 years of age, Matt Kolo is making us feel SERIOUSLY under-accomplished!

6. Rain, shine, or pandemic, Emma’s not letting her workout drills slide!

7. Irfaan Bhimji enlisted the help of his patio and sandals to show us his tennis moves!

8. As long as you have a rug, some cushions, a hitting partner and LOTS of creative juices, you don’t need a tennis court!

9.  Ambidextrous perfection AND a Pure Aero? Are we looking at the next Rafa here?

10. You see a backyard. Jeffery Bryan sees a grass court.

Thank you to everyone who shared how they play Tennis at Home.

A big thanks to every one who participated! We loved seeing how people are hanging on to the sport of tennis during these times, and are finding new and better ways to stay active, and happy! Fingers crossed, we, along with our favorite pros, can return to the tennis courts soon!


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