Best Tennis Overgrips for Hot and Humid Conditions

Best Tennis Overgrips for Hot and Humid Conditions

Best Tennis Overgrips for Hot and Humid Conditions

Most overgrips in this category have a dry feeling material, and are capable of absorbing moisture. They are not usually tacky, but allow you to have confidence your hand won’t slip during match play.

Unique Tourna Grip

The most well known in this category is Unique Sports Tourna Grip (original dry feel). The grip comes in XL, and XXL lengths, with packs of 3, 10, 30, and 50. World class players such as Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Jack Sock, and John Isner have all used Tourna Grip. It has a slight tacky feel to it, which dissipates quickly the more you sweat. Tourna Grip seems to work best after your hand starts to sweat. Because it absorbs sweat so well, it will need to be changed more often, and is not the most durable choice. Unique Tourna Grip has quite a loyal following and is a great product for a great price.

The second grip we will go over is Pacific XTR. This comes in the iconic Pacific orange. The grip has soft, smooth feel and does not tear easily. Pacific has manufactured this grip to absorb sweat, dry quickly, then repeat the process. XTR comes in 3, 12, and 30 pack options.

Gamma Pro Wrap

Gamma Sports has a great candidate for dry feel with their Pro Wrap overgrip. The grip comes in a assorted colors and is super soft. Gamma created a grip surface that repels moisture to give players confidence in sweaty conditions. Pro Wrap is offered in 3, 15, and 30 pack options.

Babolat Pro Team SP

Babolat has a special version of their Pro Team grip, Babolat Pro Team SP. Pro Team SP separates itself from other manufacturers in this category because of its Silk Powder coating. Still really thin at .55mm, Pro Team SP offers a unique dry feel and barely adds to the grip size at all. The thin nature of SP does affect durability on hot and humid days. SP is stretchy, and forgiving during installation and a great overgrip to try if you are just getting started wrapping your own grips. The grip comes in black and white, and is available in 3 or 12 packs.

Tecnifibre Pro Dry

Tecnifibre has another super thin option for humid conditions with PRO DRY. The grip comes in white and is .4mm thick. Pro Dry comes in a 3-pack and is easy to install because of the stretchy material. Players wanting minimal change to their grip size should have a look.

Volkl V-Dry

Volkl offers another great option for dry feel and absorbency with V-Dry Tennis Overgrip.  Sporting great moisture absorption, V-Dry Grip comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for warm climates. V-Dry has a tech finish applied to it to help the grip stay dry in the toughest conditions. It is available in 3, 12, and 30 packs with several color options.

Luxilon Elite Dry

Luxilon has a new entry in the overgrip market with Elite Dry. This grip is extremely soft to the touch, but quite durable. It does not tear or fray easily making it a great choice for long hot summer days. The light grey color is pleasing to the eye, and for those a little OCD about dirty grips, Elite Dry doesn’t change its appearance much even after several hours. Elite Dry is available in 3 12, and 30 packs. 

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