Hot Shot: It’s the K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 Review

Kswiss Mens and Womens Ultrashot 2 Tennis Shoe

We have known K-Swiss to make some pretty comfortable shoes since their insurgence into the tennis market in 1966. However, they have finally found a great competitor in the durability shoe line with the Men’s and Women’s Ultrashot 2. See how the Ultrashot 2 compared to some of the great durability tennis shoes in today’s market.

Review of the Week: The Wilson Clash 100 Tour

Wilson Clash 100 Tour Blog Review Thumbnail

Wilson has been teasing a revolution in the racquet market for awhile now and it has finally arrived. The all new Wilson Clash 100 Tour is designed by Wilson to counter today’s stiffly built frames with one that is uniquely flexible without losing any power, spin or control. Check out this review to get more insight on how the new Clash 100 Tour played on court.

Fuel Your Fight: 2019 Pure Aero Racquet Review

Fuel Your Fight: 2019 Pure Aero Racquet Review

Babolat continues to incrementally update one of the most popular racquet lines in the world, the Pure Aero. Building off of the previous update, the 2019 version retains all of the hallmarks and incorporates some new technology advancements that continues to make this racquet popular in the tennis market.

To Infinergy and Beyond: Review of the Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20

Kevin Anderson Dunlop Srixion CX 200 Tour 18x20 Tennis Racquet Promo

Since partnering with Srixon a couple years ago, Dunlop has been steadily producing high quality frames across multiple player categories. Kevin Anderson has become the face of the franchise and the time has come for Dunlop to update his racquet of choice: the Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18×20.