The Djoko-Switch: Novak goes to Lacoste Apparel

The Djoko-Switch

Novak Djokovic Switches Brand Allegiances from Uniqlo to Lacoste


Novak Djokovic shocked the tennis world when he announced his switch from Uniqlo to Lacoste. Changing brands is like changing identities. While Djokovic hasn’t necessarily been playing poorly this year, his 2017 leaves something to be desired. His switch to the prestigious Parisian brand won’t change his tournament fate alone, but it could help him regain his confidence and play to his sure capabilities.

During his on court career, Rene Lacoste was known for his classy style as well as his skilled play. Wearing dress slacks, a flat cap, and a tucked-in white polo (buttoned all the way up,) Lacoste won Wimbledon in 1925 and wore a similar outfit when he won again in 1927. Following his on-court career, he founded his clothing company, aptly named Lacoste, in 1933. Since its existence, it has been synonymous with class on the tennis court.

The company was immensely popular in the mid 1900’s, and although it is still very respected, it is less prevalent in a modern tennis era marked by thin and casual tennis clothes. Lacoste hasn’t had a major tennis endorsement (sorry Pablo Cuevas!) since Andy Roddick, but they are sure to see a revival after partnering with one of the biggest and most stylish players on tour.

From everything that we have seen about Djokovic and his new clothing line, it will not be too different from what he has been wearing for the last couple of years. He will be wearing high quality athletic polos that have a stiff collar and a defined three button placket. One sneak peek that we have seen from Nole features an interesting design that looks quite a bit like the flag of Serbia – the home country of Novak. The other top that we have seen him in is quintessential Lacoste. Similar construction to the first, but it is just a crispy white. Both feature the classic croc logo on the left breast.

These polos remind us of the T2 Jacquard Collar Ultradry Tennis Top that we carry at Tennis Express. These polos share the same base color but the contrast comes on the collar with this one instead of the body. Speaking of the collar, a stiff material and pointed edges exude class and maturity.  100% Ultradry Pique Knit fabric will keep you cool and dry during play; But in typical Lacoste fashion, it will hold shape very well. In contrast to his Uniqlo top that was thinner and more flexible, this polo will keep his look more composed as he plays.

Want to support Djokovic and Lacoste at the French Open right now? Grab the Vintage Graphic Tennis Sweatshirt. “The grace and elegance of Roland Garros stands out in this top that features a very classy tennis player on the front – is it Rene or Novak? Coming in a muted silver base, there is an interesting sporty graphic on the front that resembles an ad that hearkens back to a better time. This sweater utilizes non-brushed fleece, not leaving much room for breathing, but will definitely keep you warm when you need it. It’s an understated way to deliver Lacoste’s long time impression and your love for the fundamentals of the game.
With the DjokoSwitch blowing up on social media, it is just a matter of time before we see the classy and vintage-inspired looks return to tennis courts in full force. Are we in for a tennis clothing revolution? I think that we are. Be ahead of the curb by buying your old-school and high functioning Lacoste pieces today right here.


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