Father’s Day Gifts: For Your #1 Tennis Player

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Father’s Day Gifts for Tennis Players

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One of the greatest joys of any junior tennis player’s life is the day you finally beat your dad on the court.  For some players, it happens early in life thanks to lessons and pure talent.  Other players may take years to feel that triumph on the court. Regardless of when it happens, your joy is quickly replaced by gratitude.  Your dad buys your equipment, pays for your lessons, and gives you invaluable advice about the psychology of competition. It’s time to repay the favor by treating dad to a special Father’s Day Gift!

Father's Day GiftsIf tennis is truly your dad’s racket, consider purchasing him a new “stick.”  If he’s getting up there in age and mobility is an issue, look for a racquet with a slightly larger head to create a larger sweet spot.  If your dad is still going strong on court, he may enjoy a racquet with some new technology.  If you want to really spend a little more time with dad, consider buying him a Babolat POP.  He may need some help downloading the app and getting started, but it’s very user friendly after that. Buy one for yourself too, so you can compare spin, speed and playing style with your dad from anywhere in the world!

Father's Day GiftsDads that are huge fans of Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal would love to get a pair of the latest kicks these players are wearing! Roger wears the very popular Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5These shoes have all of the flashy technology your dad needs to support him on the tennis court, but with class Roger styling that won’t make him look like he’s trying too hard.  Rafa sports the more flashy Nike Men’s Lunar Ballistec 1.5 Shoe with the Bull logo predominately displayed on the tongue of the shoe.  As soon as he walks on court, your dad will be sending the message that he’s serious about winning…¡Vamos! If your dad is a Rafa Super Fan, check out the assortment of Nike tees that show support for him as he recovers from his wrist injury.Father's Day Gifts

No matter which Father’s Day Gift you pick for your dad, try to spend some time with him on court soon!  Enter as many Father/Son or Father/Daughter tournaments as you can.  You’ll be glad for the memories! I know I am!




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