HEAD MxG One = MxG Fun?

MxG cross section

Head has added the MxG 1 and the MxG 7 to their MxG series of racquets. (see MxG 1 & 7 above) The 1 is the most control oriented MxG racquet to date and features a mid-plus head size with a flat beam design. The 7 is the most powerful frame in the MxG catalog and has an expansive super-oversize head, and an extra-long 27.6 inch length.

MxG 1MxG 7
Head Size:98115
Length:27 Inches27.6 Inches
Weight:11.1 Ounces9.8 Ounces
Swing Weight:305326
Balance:6 Pts Head Light3 Points Head Heavy
Flex: 6668
Beam Width:22mm28/29/26mm
String Pattern:16x1916x18
Power Level:LowHigh

The MxG racquets contain a unique Magnesium Bridge at the throat of the racquet which is designed to reduce overall weight, but maintain outstanding stability. The development of MxG smashes the narrative of lighter-weight racquets being flimsy and easily pushed around at faster swing speeds. MxG BridgeIn addition to increased stability, the minimalist bridge makes the main strings longer which expands the sweet spot to generate more power without losing control. Check out Magnesium Bridge (left).

We are used to the bridge of a tennis racquet just being where the frame connects to head. But with the MxG series, the bridge is a technological leap that has tangible performance benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the MxG 1.

Though it’s the heaviest in the series, the MxG 1 is barely over 11 ounces strung. Combine that with a constant-thin beam, head light balance, and a lightning quick swing weight and you get one of the easiest swinging control racquets on the market. I have always believed in a basic equation as far as racquets go: stability = weight. MxG 1 shown below

MxG 1If you want to make a racquet more stable, then you need to make it heavier. The MxG 1 breaks tradition with other light racquets because it is one of the most solid 11 ounce frames I have ever hit with.

While the “feel’ of the MxG 1 is medium-firm, it isn’t harsh or jarring in the slightest. The MxG 1 rates a 66 on the stiffness scale but it is surprisingly soft and comfortable. The 16×19 string pattern grabs the ball well and rewards racquet head speed by bringing the ball down on a dime. Up at the net the frame was maneuverable and not easily pushed around, continuing the anomaly of light-weight stability.

For a second opinion on the MxG 1, check out this blog.

While the MxG 1 is more of a control racquet, the MxG 7 is all about maneuverable power. The longer length and 115 square-inch head size create a near endless sweet spot for the sub 10 ounce frame.MxG 7 The 16×18 string pattern pockets the ball well and allows players to apply any spin they desire. The MxG 7 feels sturdy on volleys and is a wonderful racquet for serving. The extra length rewards any swing tempo and makes the service box seem larger.

I am always interested when game improvement technology gets applied to control racquets. Players are often skeptical of changes in technology, but Head’s MxG technology is an authentic development, and it creates unmatched stability for such light weight. I encourage you to give the MxGs a try with the Tennis Express Demo ProgramMxG 7 at right.









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