How to Choose the Right Tennis Towel

What to Consider When Choosing a Towel

As temperatures increase this spring, many tennis players will transition to outdoor courts. When fierce competitors clash in a humid environment, abundant sweat ensues. Perspiration is a natural body function during exercise, but some of us (me included) sweat more than others, and we must prepare accordingly.

If you forget to bring a towel, it can cause the racquet to slip out of your hand and hinder your performance. Tennis towels come in different materials and sizes, and Tennis Express can help you choose the right one for your needs. Here are the key attributes to consider before you make a decision.


First, tennis towels come in many different sizes, ranging from large rectangular towels to smaller spherical cloths.

Fila flag beach towel

For taller athletes, consider a larger towel, such as the 70” x 40” Fila Flag Beach Towel. Useful for more than sunbathing, it has sufficient volume to keep you dry from head to toe. Plus, there’s plenty of room to absorb all your sweat for a 3-set match.Babolat medium towel

For shorter tennis players, you might prefer a medium size Babolat towel for your hands and face. At 36.6” x 20”, this mid-sized product is easy to manage and store in your bag.


If you have a towel already and you want something to enhance your grip, Tennis Express has you covered. The Tourna Tag Rag, Gorilla Gold Enhancer, or Gamma Tacky Towel all can help you grip your racquet with control and leave no mess behind. The last thing you want to have happen is to start missing shots because you’re losing your grip due to excess sweat.


These days, tennis towels feature high performance technologies that moderate your body temperature while simultaneously absorbing sweat. These cooling technologies soothe your skin in the heat of the moment, allowing you to remain calm and focus on the next point or game.

Tourna Liqui Towel tube

For anticipated hot spells, consider alternatives to the regular cotton towel. Get instant heat relief with our Tourna Liqui Towel Tube. You just have to wet the towel and place it on the back of your neck during a changeover.

Related Post: What to Put in Your Tennis BagMission Athletecare Endurocool Tennis TowelIf blue doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another soft material with cooling technology. Fill your cooler with the vibrant Mission Athletecare Endurocool Tennis Towel, which lowers your core body temperature and offers UPF 45 protection. The breathable fabric is machine washable, plus, it dries quickly so you can use it frequently throughout the same match. There’s nothing better than having a nice ice towel on changeovers during the summer months.


The great thing about tennis towels is that you can always find the brand of your choice. Tennis Express offers towels with the following brands:

  • 40 Love Courture
  • Ame and Lulu
  • Gamma
  • Babolat
  • Tourna
  • Fila
  • Nike
  • Adidas

Do you like to collect towels yourself? Consider the 40 Love Courture Phrase Towels. The comic sayings can lighten the mood during an intense match. These towels come in many different colors, including violet, red, white, black, and more.



My favorite towel is one that I bought from the 2009 Wimbledon Championships. I still use it all the time. I also have kept one from the French Open. When you attend a professional event, whether it’s the U.S. Open or a WTT match, they’ll likely sell tennis towels as souvenirs. You can use it to dab your forehead after applauding the fifth ace from Roger Federer.


Towels are a practical piece of tennis gear that helps you stay comfortable and dry during competition. At Tennis Express, we offer a wide variety of tennis towels, wristbands, and other accessories to maximize your on-court performance. For those that sweat profusely and want some extra stick for their grip, check out our collection of Rosin and Dry Grip enhancers. Remember to be happy, and play tennis!

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