Luxilon ALU Power Available in Summertime Colors

Luxilon ALU Power Lmtd Edition

One of the most iconic strings in recent memory, Luxilon Alu Power has an stellar reputation among the world’s best players. Roger Federer, Juan Martin Del Potro, and David Goffin have been winning huge tournaments for years with the aluminum colored co-polyester string. Now, for a limited time, Luxilon is sprinkling some summer color into Alu Power.

Available now in red, blue, lime, and green, Alu Power is an industry standard control string which helps players take big cuts at the ball without worrying about over hitting. With the limited edition colors, players can match their team or racquet colors and know they are still using top of the line performance string. The string is only available in individual sets of 1.25mm (16L) and for a limited time, so don’t wait take advantage and add some color to your summer!

Wilson also has some new pre-packaged hybrids that combine the classic comfortable feel of Wilson NXT with some of Luxilon’s most popular polyester strings. These hybrids work great with either string in the mains or crosses.

New Wilson Hybrid Sets

Wilson Duo PowerLuxilon ALU Power & Wilson NXT Power1.25mm 16L & 1.32mm 16
Wilson Duo FeelLuxilon Element & Wilson NXT1.25mm 16L & 1.30mm 16
Wilson Duo ControlLuxilon 4G Rough & Wilson NXT Control1.25mm 16L & 1.30mm 16

Wilson Duo Power pairs Luxilon Alu Power with NXT Power. Alu Power provides the control while NXT Power keeps the string bed softer, and more comfortable.Wilson Duo Power Hybrid


Coming Soon

Wilson Duo Feel is a pairing of Luxilon Element and Wilson NXT. Element is Luxilon’s softest polyester to date so if you are looking to try a hybrid for the first time, Duo Feel is a good choice. 

Wilson Duo Feel Hybrid

Wilson Duo Control mixes the tension maintenance of  Luxilon’s 4G Rough with Wilson NXT Control. NXT Control is a firmer playing multi-filament string that contains both nylon and polyester fibers for more durability. 

At Tennis Express we have an unreal selection of polyester and multi-filament strings! Stay tuned to the TE Blog for more info on new product releases.

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