New Pickleball Paddles 2024

Tennis Express is not only the premier place to get your tennis gear, but we also stock the best pickleball gear to keep pickleball players up to date on the best equipment available. Let’s take a look at some of the new pickleball paddles for 2024.


It’s no surprise that premier tennis racquet manufacturer Head is also a leader in making quality pickleball paddles. Their Radical line of paddles are designed with T700 raw carbon hitting surfaces that make more contact with the ball on hit, creating a more “controlled spin” on each shot. The Radical Nite and Radical Raw Tour EX also feature longer handles that allow players to wield powerful 2-handed backhand shots. Meanwhile, the Radical Raw Tour has a shorter handle to allow more maneuverability while retaining powerful hits.

Master Athletics

Master Athletics paddles feature striking designs and advanced engineering that put them at the forefront of the game. Take advantage of The Edge technology, used in tandem with the Pickleball Tuning Kit. Apply the weighted strips to adjust the swing weight for a more head or handle heavy balance. Whether you’re seeking to add power or gain more control, fine-tuning the paddle to your needs is a cinch. Become the star of the show with these stylish new pickleball paddles in hand!


What separates Revolin pickleball paddles from the rest is their innovative construction. Rather than using traditional materials like graphite or fiberglass, these composite paddles are sustainably made with their signature BioFLX surface. Flax and hemp fibers dampen vibrations while maintaining control and power. The hitting surface is further treated with Terragrit texturing to help add spin to each shot. By constructing the paddles with 8 layers of material, they achieve incredible durability. Get Better Play for a Better Planet.


Joola has just rolled out the latest updates to their line of pickleball paddles. With an additive bonding applied to their paddles, the Charged Carbon Surface gives greater energy return on each hit. From the Hyperion to the Perseus and more, there’s a paddle perfectly suited to your playstyle whether you’re a power player, court controller, or all-rounder. The Gen 3 models feature an NFC chip in the handle that allows you to authenticate your paddle. Just scan the chip with your phone using the Joola Connect app to unlock exclusive content!

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