Pink Month: Navratilova Weighs In On Special Tennis Court

Pink Month: Navratilova Weighs In On Special Tennis Court

Every October, the world turns pink in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: logos change color, clothes and uniforms get a new tint, and profile pictures (maybe even yours!) get special filters for a good cause. At Tennis Express. we’re always looking for new ways to mark the occasion, and this year we looked back to 2012, when the French Open hosted a legends’ doubles match on a special pink clay court to raise money for charity. Take a look below (but you may want to grab your nearest pair of sunglasses first):

Unique, but not for everyone, right? That’s what our social-media followers seemed to think.  One very special person — who happens to have been a participant in the pink-court match — chimed in with her firsthand analysis:

Well, that settles it! When you’ve played on the court yourself, *and* you’ve won 56 Grand Slam titles in singles and doubles, who are we to question your assessment? The pink clay seems to have faced the same kinds of criticism as the widely maligned blue clay courts used for just one year (also 2012) at the Madrid Masters 1000 event on the ATP Tour.

While clay courts might not be the best places for color-based innovation, there’s still plenty of room for pink in the game of tennis. Stay tuned to our blog all October long for more pink tennis fun and shop all pink items here for your breast cancer awareness events!

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