Serena’s Aussie Tennis Accessories: Nike and More!

Serena Williams Day 2 at the 2017 Australian Open (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Serena Williams can ACCESSORIZE!!

I know, I know, everyone wants to talk about her new bling (*cough* show us your engagement ring *cough*), but we don’t have any details about that yet, so let’s talk about those on-court Serena Signature Styles!

Of course we have to start with the Nike Printed Headband. Serena keeps the fly-aways out of her face with this sensible, sleek thin headband and you can, too! Choose your color story, we have two beautiful options available at Tennis Express, and these assorted headbands come in a 6 pack so you can wear a new one every day during your next tournament. There’s also a wider variety, the Nike Swoosh Tennis Headband, if that’s more your style.

Next up is her iconic Nike Women’s Flare Tennis Shoes. Built for aggressive and explosive movements on the court, this tennis shoe is still breathable and lightweight so you’ll be comfortable through every match. Her Australian Open shoes are limited edition Black History month shoes, so you’ll have to wait until February to get your own pair! You want to play your best tennis for the next two decades? Then take care of your feet. And if it’s up to Serena, you’ll do that with Nike!

Finally, maybe you can’t afford to play tennis in a $40,000 watch, but that’s alright, because it doesn’t track your activity anyway! I’d recommend replacing Serena’s 18 Karat wrist accessory with the Polar FT60 Watch, which measures your aerobic fitness and then creates and monitors a training program specifically designed to meet your fitness goals.

From head to toe, Serena Williams brings her signature accessories onto the court in every tournament. Start dressing for success by taking some style advice from the best. Tennis Express is ready to help you accessorize!

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