The Diadem “Evolution” WILL be Televised

The Diadem “Evolution” WILL be Televised

The current string market is flooded with polyester and co-polyester mono-filaments. Players are in pursuit of insane topspin and extensive control and durability. Though there are benefits to “all poly” setups, many players’ elbows are staging a revolt.

Hybrid stringing (different strings for the mains and crosses) can serve as a great compromise for players who crave the control of polyester, but need the comfort and flexibility the softer, more-forgiving nylon. This is where Diadem Evolution can help players get the best of both worlds.

Diadem Tennis Strings

Evolution is a nylon-based polyamide which has been extruded as a solid mono-filament. If the last sentence gave you flashbacks to chemistry class, I understand, but stay with me. The mission was to produce a string with exceptional softness and playability, but also maintain control and durability found in firmer poly-based strings. Evolution has a slick, low-friction silicon based coating to help players achieve more snap-back and spin, but also maintain comfort and durability.

Diadem Evolution

Diadem’s new offering really shines when it’s paired with a sharp, six-pointed polyester like Solstice Power. Evolution is the perfect cross string for Solstice and prevents the early sawing that can occur when using a soft multi-filament with a shaped poly.

Tennis Elbow sufferers should try a full string bed of Evolution to protect their arms, but will also find plenty of spin and tension maintenance that might be lacking in their favorite polyester. Young juniors, beginner and intermediate, can use Evolution as a way to protect their arms as they grow and progress before graduating to a stiffer, controlled string.

It’s nice to see Diadem make a string that so many players on the market need. A softer, arm friendly nylon is just what the doctor ordered to help ease the harshness of the stiffer polyesters in today’s game.Diadem Pro Touch Overgrip Evolution is available now in 17g (1.20m), 16g (1.30mm),and 15L (1.35mm). We have three color choices: Azure Blue, Black, and Natural. For a limited time (and while supplies last), get a sample of Diadem’s new Pro Touch Overgrip (shown at right) with any Diadem purchase!

Diadem’s polyester line includes the aforementioned Solstice Power, and Elite XT. Solstice Power is medium-firm, and Elite XT is Diadem’s most control oriented string. Both strings have Diadem’s six-pointed Star Core Technology which helps grab the ball, but also reduces friction between the strings because of minimal contact points. Diadem is the only string with a “star” profile and offers a one of a kind feel. Check out all Diadem products at Tennis Express!

ImpulseBlue16g, 17gMulti-filament
EvolutionBlack, Blue, or Natural15L, 16L, 17gNylon Mono-filament
Solstice PowerTeal16g, 16L, 17g, 18gCo-polyester
Elite XTCharcoal16g, 16L, 17g, 18gCo-polyester


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