Tips for Tennis Training at Home

If the local tennis clubs have temporarily shut down in your area, you’re not alone. While you might not have easy access to a tennis court, it’s important to keep your mind and body active so you can stay healthy. Tennis Express has composed a brief list of tips for tennis training while you’re at home. By following these tips, you’ll be prepared to resume play when facilities reopen.

Read a Tennis Book

If you have time on your hands, consider reading a new tennis book. At Tennis Express,  we sell intriguing Biographies, Advanced Instruction Books, History Books, and more. Want to learn the best tips for Coaching Youth Tennis? We have just what you need.


Coaching Youth Tennis book coverAcing Depression book cover



Have you or a loved one been touched by mental illness? Read Acing Depression: A Tennis Champion’s Toughest Match by former American pro Cliff Richey. They say that knowledge is power, and what better way to gain tennis knowledge than by reading?

Watch Tennis DVDs

Another way to brush up on your tennis knowledge is to watch Tennis DVDs. Similar to books, there are tons of lessons to learn from instructional or historical DVDs. Learn how to break serve with Nick Bollettieri’s teaching in Right Back Atcha Returns. Master the fundamentals of tennis with these Jimmy Connors DVDs. Or, consume mini-lessons from Tom Avery in the Consistent Tennis Wins DVD series.

Consistent Tennis Wins DVDs    Jimmy Connors Tennis DVD

You could even go back in time and watch some of your favorite matches from Wimbledon to learn from the game’s best pros. The 2008 Men’s Final, where Nadal edged Federer in 5 thrilling sets, is often deemed the greatest match ever played.

There is always room for improvement on the tennis court regardless of your current ranking or skill level. Our selection of tennis DVDs can help you discover new pointers so you can reach your goals.

Buy Foam Tennis Balls

Whether you’re young or old, keep yourself entertained with red foam tennis balls. These red foam balls are perfect for beginners because they bounce lower and move slower than regular ones. Plus, you don’t need a court to use them, and they’re even safe to use indoors.

Red Wilson foam tennis ball
Red foam tennis balls are a safe way to train at home.


On a nice day, have your kids hit with them against the garage door or a brick wall. Adults can also use the red balls to practice their grips and ball control while quarantined at home.

Focus on Cardiovascular Fitness

Tennis training isn’t limited to drills on the court. Riding a bike or running, for example, can improve your aerobic fitness. Teaching pros recommend running or biking 1-2 miles (to start) at a steady pace. As your stamina levels increase, then you can up your limit to 3-5 miles, or more.

Biking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise             

So, head out to the trails, find a nearby sidewalk, or utilize a treadmill and focus on your cardio and conditioning. With greater endurance, you’ll be able to play tennis longer and eclipse your opponents in those grueling 3-setters.




Tennis Express offers an extensive range of high-quality products available at great prices. For more about tennis training gear and equipment, check out our website. Remember to be happy, play tennis, and stay healthy!


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