Recreate an Editorial Look in EleVen by Venus Tennis Clothing!

Venus Williams

Recreate an Editorial Look in EleVen by Venus!

When it comes to the greats, they leave a legacy in almost everything they touch. Sometimes it’s in a trademark shoe, or a Grand Slam where their names give people hope! For Venus Williams, that EleVen legacy is already in full effect. That’s what happens when you see someone living their passion and putting themselves into their product upon creation.

Once your in Venus’ world and you’ve been exposed to her clothing creations, your eyes will see nothing like it! She showed off her personality in a photo shoot with, where she was styled in sophisticated slacks, luxurious sweaters and a classic V-neck that clung to the champions court refined figure.

You can get similar looks from Venus’ own tennis and athletic apparel line, EleVen by Venus at Tennis Express!

The Absolute Long Sleeve is your seamless sweetie sent from heaven. It’s comfortable and is just as modest and gorgeous as the covered top Venus modeled, and about $2000 cheaper.










Venus is serving all sorts of Beyoncé hair in the top right photo that we can image recreated with the EleVen Tunic Hoodie. The thigh length, hi-low outerwear is cozy with extra long sleeves and a high neck so you can roll up and tug at that sweater for a similar pose!










We’re going to be a little bold and very tennis with this next Dujour editorial inspired pick! Venus was actually styled in one of her own EleVen designs much like the Ashram Tennis Tank in the same glowing-white paired with the seasonal Outskirt Tennis Capri. The skapri was designed with a wide, flat yoke waistband, so you realistically could go for the tucked-in look like V, and accentuate your waist. The wrap skirt made of power mesh elevates a training look with a dimension of elegance.











Venus in jeans, as an international superstar, just screams American girl! The sport version of this iconic photo could be done in the EleVen Love Tank, which has a V-Neck and a built-in bra for easy and court ready wear. On bottom, though not jean blue, the Women’s Orbit Tennis Carpri comes in a popping Peony color and the mesh inserts that cover the calves pop on you during workouts and training sessions! Also, players, peep the side ball pocket!










See what other combinations and court looks you can assemble with the rest of Venus’s tennis apparel collections from 2017 here!


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