Volkl V-Sense Line – Racquet Reviews

Volkl V-Sense Racquet Reviews

Let me start this by saying up front that I am a die-hard Prince fan. When I play in tournaments I wear Prince shoes, I have my tennis clothes section of my closet decked out in Prince apparel, and of course I play mainly with a Prince racquet. My personal racquet has a 100 inch head and is quite heavy for the material that it is. My biggest issue with it is the soreness in my arm I feel after a long tournament weekend or an intense practice session. With the V-Sense line from Volkl, this problem was quickly alleviated. I am not the most skilled or discerning player, but the comfort and ease of use was noticeable from the first forehand. There are many other benefits of this racquet, and I will lay them out for you below.

The main benefit of using a racquet from the V-Sense line is the comfort in each one of your points of contact with the ball. Using the Super G Grommet System that incorporates Volkl’s patented V-Sponse material in construction, the user is able to plow right through the ball with little vibration or physical feedback. This type of construction is perfect for the player who focuses on consistency to win games instead of power.

Volkl is one of the most popular brands for seniors because of the work they have put in to combat tennis elbow. It has been shown that you are twice as likely to get tennis elbow using racquets that are not specifically designed to combat it, and Volkl is doing everything they can to keep your elbow healthy. I played with 3 of the racquets from the V-Sense line and all of them, although vastly different in weight, balance, and touch.

The first racquet that I played with was the V-Sense 10 295g Tennis Racquet. From the first time that I picked up this racquet, I felt the Precise Power frame that makes the racquet feel lighter than it is. This racquet’s weight is very evenly distributed, which didn’t lend itself to powerful shots but definitely helped me when I wanted to put more touch on the ball. I am not naturally a hard swinger, so I felt like this racquet left a little to be desired when it came to power. This racquet is one of many on this line to feature Bio Sensors, something I will talk more about in the following racquets.

  The next tennis tool that I tested out was the V-Sense 1 Tennis Racquet. Admittedly, I have not played with many racquets with such an oversized head, so it took me some time to get used to. After getting used to how I must swing with a racquet of this size, I started to notice that I was plowing through the ball with ease. Whether this was due to the Power Arm bar throat that is designed to create a “slingshot” type of swing or the Bio Sensors which essentially are beads that fully eliminate vibrations, I never felt any discomfort or resistance in my forehand or my backhand. Despite the humongous size of the head, I was having a lot of trouble finding the sweet spot. I believe that is lies slightly higher up on the string bed than usual, but after enough play it can be utilized, I am sure.

I played best with the third racquet that I tried out. This one was the V-Sense V1 Midplus Tennis Racquet. I currently play with a racquet that is very similar to this one: same head size, same general balance, and basically the same color scheme. The differences though, lied in the way that I could hit directly though the ball. This came into play mostly upon serving. I was able to strike the ball at an angle and drive it downward, creating a slice serve that I wouldn’t otherwise have. The Super G Grommet System leads to a bigger sweet spot, better control, and more power due to the spring effect.

All in all, these racquets have some flaws, but their benefits outweigh the fact that these racquets are very comfortable to play with. Although I would not buy one of these, I would highly recommend anything from the V-Sense line to a more advanced senior, lower level tennis player, or someone who struggles mightily with tennis elbow. This racquet will help you improve consistency and keep you on the court playing  your best tennis.

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