Women’s adidas Stella McCartney Barricade 2017 Tennis Shoe Review

Women’s adidas Stella McCartney Barricade 2017 Tennis Shoe Review

Let me tell you about the latest shoe I’ve gotten the chance to play in – the adidas Stella McCartney Barricade 2017 Tennis Shoe. Stella McCartney’s fashion and ethics (from blended fibers to vegetarian leather) have always been attractive to me – so I was hoping I’d love wearing these shoes as much as I like the lightweight look of them. When I practice I play on hard court. I like to stand at the baseline so that I’m ready for any situation, and if tempted with a wild shot, I’m the type of player that turns into a pup chasing after a good ole ball!

As far as personal style goes, I’m a girly girl, so I like versatile shoes with many outfits and this one is a beauty! White shoes are my go-to for many of my black, gray and white combo outfits. The Barricade comes in two different colors – gray and a Blaze Orange, perfect for the warm seasons. Garbine Muguruza sported the blazing bright pair for team adidas at the Miami Open.


Then it was my turn to give them a try! So on day one of testing the shoe they fit like a soft glove. It’s mesh upper felt pleasant. From there I knew they were breathable. Stella’s modern choices, like synthetic or woven materials that are thinner, are now an advantage – once seen as a disadvantage. The narrow fit was attractive (since I am petite) and so was the reflective adidas stripe logo, plus reflective Stella tongue. It’s a trendy look together against the gray. I played in the all white pair, but when I want to get a different look, I lace myself in adidas Bright Yellow Strings.

A couple of things I considered while playing on court: breathability, comfort, quickness,  and durability. I play in the Texas heat and have had soaking socks at the end of my match because of the heat from the concrete. So the fashionable and functional mesh’s built in conditioning is something I will gladly pay for. The comfort I found in the tongue and in the rim along the ankle. Quickness was also checked off when I laced well and wore the right sock. Durability is a huge deal for me because I’ve endured an ankle injury so my confidence is higher with a sturdier shoe!

Changes have been made since the 2016 version of the shoe to increase performance! Although they subtracted insole comfort that one might find in a running shoe, the shoe excels in a gripping fit focused on stability.

Use these for intense play rather than leisure. I like my playing shoes to be designated for the court. They run a little larger than a usual size 7 for me. I suggest getting a half size smaller so it isn’t much effort to get your feet off the ground. The tightness of the shoe made me feel geared up and ready to tear up the court.

Day three I hit wearing the Barricades and the insole wasn’t soft at all. However, the outsole was great for my footwork. I was able to plant firmly, run quickly without the fear of falling over, and felt overall supported from top to bottom. The frame and narrow fit of the shoe made my foot feel stable. I had great traction on the hard court surface – here’s why.

Rearfoot and forefoot ADIPRENE cushioning elements are adidas’ support and maximum stability technologies. The herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shoe was made to endure the hard court surface! This shoe is going to be great for players that hit the court more than three times a week so their shoes can last drills and practices. Prices on a durable shoe are going to be higher than a regular or value priced tennis shoe – but remember it will last longer and often comes with a warranty.

Shock absorption is high. Play hard without any strain or injury to feet or ankles. The Barricade is a lightweight shoe that helps me feel lighter on my feet, which makes me want to play more, faster. I love that about this shoe! The front rubber guard also helped get me safely to the net for volleys and out wide quickly to catch a winner! The Barricades are responsive immediately with room in the toe area. This is great to protect that pedicure!

I may be choosy about the pair I play in but that’s because us tennis players need a supportive shoe that performs at a high level! It honestly motivates me, and I highly recommend this lightweight, comfortable, and durable shoe. If you’ve tried this year’s version of the shoe, comment and let us know what you think about the comfort and insole updates.

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