Yoga for Tennis

Tennis is a sport that has evolved its participants from recreational players to intense ball drilling machines! With the right gear it’s easy to feel your best on court and imagine you’re playing like the GOAT – whoever that is to you. But when the highly motivated match is over and you walk off. . . your body is going to feel it!

Most tennis injuries are cause by overuse of the body. Stomping on concrete for hours, sprinting, bending low for shots, and reaching long can strain your lower body. Serving, swinging, and locking your wrist can leave your body tense and sore after intense training sessions. But via, “with the proper exercises, even those can be minimized or eliminated.”

Tennis Express wants to try something new and combine the best of the yoga mat and the tennis court! So, at 1:30 p.m. every Thursday at our indoor court, bring your yoga mat, hand towel and water bottle to learn, and practice restorative yoga! Yoga-On Court classes will be instructed by a Yoga Pod West Houston instructor.

Adding yoga into your life could do more for you than just keeping you zen and flexible. A huge benefit is that it could help prevent shoulder and elbow injuries. Come and learn these yoga techniques for tennis instead of rolling on a foam roller, or even tennis balls after your tough tournaments or matches!

See you on the mat!

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