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Tennis is coming back slowly and soon you’ll be able to wear those tennis skorts or your favorite player kits. But for now stock up on your at-home workout gear and get to work. Here are some of our favorite essentials.


Compression Apparel

First, you need the appropriate attire so you can have a clean, efficient and effective workout. Apparel with a compressed fit like Eleven by Venus Shorts (left) or the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Long Sleeve (right) will do a sure job of staying in place no matter which direction you move!

Eleven Women's Smooth Tennis Shortie Black Heather               Under Armour Mens HeatGear UA Long Sleeve Compression Top


Gaiam Mats

The new Gaiam Essentials Fitness Mat & Sling is going to be a great place to start your faster and more intense workouts. The mat’s thickness measures at 10mm for comfort under your feet and ensures security on the ground. It’s finished with smooth ridges for a non-slip workout – so, go for a couple more push-ups!

Gaiam Essentials Fitness Mat and Strap Green


Some days you need an intensive stretch. Yoga is a great activity to loosen and tend to your muscles’ range and strength. When you’re ready, roll out the Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat and take your time stretching it out.  Try adding a foam roller to your mat routine if you need help working out those kinks!


Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat Maroon

Training Shoes

Working on faster footwork? Then incorporate some actual training sneakers into your routine. Your training shoe can be lightweight and flexible with nice stability at the soles for support at the arch. A great option for men is the Nike Lunar Fingertrap Training Shoe (left). And for women there’s the Under Armour Threadborne Push Training Shoe(right).

Nike Mens Lunar Fingertrap Training Shoes      Under Armour Womens Threadborne Training Shoes

Ame & Lulu Yoga Bag in Abbey Plaid

Create your perfect training space that’s clean so you can stay focused and organized. The Ame and Lulu Yoga bag is a dependable accessory that you can use to hold your Classic Gaiam Yoga Mat!  Keeping your mat stored will prevent it from unfolding all over the place and getting walked on – which is one of my pet peeves.

Ame and Lulu Yoga Mat Bag


No-leak Water Bottle

One of the most important workout essentials is hydration. While we exert energy, we also sweat out a lot of moisture from our bodies. Before you get thirsty keep a “leak proof” bottle like the Nike Hyperfuel 24 OZ Water Bottle or Hydroflask 24 oz Standard Mouth Bottle

 Nike Hyperfuel 24oz Water Bottle        Hydroflask Standard Mouth 24oz Bottle

Sweat Absorbing Towel

Some players like Venus Williams prefer to workout until they’re drenched in sweat. Others will prefer to lightly glisten with sweat. Either way you need a towel like the Mission Athletecare Endurocool Towel that is going to keep you cool. It’s breathable, wicks moisture away from the skin and quickly cools on contact!


Mission Athletecare Endurocool Towel Pink

Fitness Tracker + Timer 

You should set personal fitness goals and see yourself progress with a fitness tracker.  A dependable and classy option is the Garmin Forerunner 45 Watch. It allows you to track your basics like time and pace, but also can notify you of your heart rate, let you change your music, and gain exclusive access to training resources through Garmin Coach and Garmin Connect Online. This watch is built to take your training up a notch!

Garmin Forerunner 45 Watch

Joint Support 

A tennis player’s recovery is important and something you must monitor on and off court. Popular workouts including free-weights, burpees, or planks could be rough on your wrists so it’s essential you care for body. It’s okay to make modifications when needed and to add a little extra support with wraps like the Mueller Black Wrist Support Wrap.

Mueller Adjustable Wrist Support Strap


One must-have to remain distraction free and focused on the mat is a headband! Whether you have a lot of hair or a little hair, headbands are essential for keeping sweat and hair out of your way. The Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Headband 3 pack (left) or the thinner Women’s Headbands Assorted 6 Pack (right) are great for ensuring your hair stays-in-place and traps sweat. Sometimes the smallest accessories make the biggest differences in our successes.

Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Headbands   Nike Womens Assorted Thin Headbands 6 pack

No matter what your workout is, Tennis Express has all of your essentials handy (even for kids).

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