Best Tennis Racquets in 2024 (so far…)

As we wrap up March, let’s take a look at the best new tennis racquets for 2024. It is always an exciting time of year when the top players in the world travel to compete at the Miami Open. For gear aficionados, it is even more fun to track the new racquets from brands like Wilson, Babolat, HEAD, and Yonex. Here is a rundown of the top new tennis racquets so far in 2024.

Wilson Blade v9 Tennis Racquets

The Blade has been an incredibly popular racquet for elite juniors, college players, and the world’s best. With v9, the updates are subtle but important. The previous two versions of the racquet have been very soft and comfortable, and while the flex remains, the feel has been “sharpened” with a technology called StableFeel. Also new is the Click&Go grommet system, which features a neon green staple to help speed up the process of changing the headguards on the racquets.Wilson Blade v9 Tennis Racquets

For very particular players, the Blade spec variance has been improved by 25% for racquet weight and balance. And now the Blades have a tighter swingweight variance as well, meaning players who are buying multiple racquets can be confident all the racquets play similarly. Included models are the Blade 98 16×19, Blade 98 18×20, Blade 100, Blade 100L, Blade 100 UL, Blade 104. The Blade 98s are very popular among players who want control and feel. Reigning Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka endorses the Blade 98 , as does one of the hottest players on the ATP tour, Alex de Minaur.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead SizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwingweight (Strung)
Blade 98 16x1910.8 oz9816x1920.6 mm62324
Blade 98 18x2010.8 oz9818x2020.6 mm62326
Blade 10010.6 oz10016x1922 mm61315
Blade 100L10.1 oz10016x1922 mm68300
Blade 100UL9.3 oz10016x1922 mm66286
Blade 10410.210416x1922 mm64311

Babolat Pure Strike Gen4 Tennis Racquets

It has been a minute since Babolat updated the Pure Strike Line. Tour players like Cam Norrie, Dominic Thiem, and Alize Cornet endorse the Strike range. While the Pure Drive emphasizes easy power, and the Pure Aero focuses on spin, The Pure Strike lineup lends itself more toward control. As we saw with the 2023 Pure Drive, flax fibers have been integrated into key portions of the head for a slightly softer and more comfortable feel. The racquets included are the Pure Strike 97 (formerly the Pure Strike VS), Pure Strike 98 16×19, Pure Strike 98 18×20, Pure Strike 100 16×20, Pure Strike 100, and Pure Strike Team.

Babolat Pure Strike Gen4 An important distinction is that the models 10.8 ounces and above incorporate the NF2 tech and not SWX Pure Feel, which remains in the 100, Team, and Junior models. The cosmetic has a much cleaner look, and as a whole the racquets are softer flexing than the previous version. That being said, The Pure Strike racquets remain some of the more powerful control segment racquets on the market. The standout in the line is the new entry, the Pure Strike 100 (16×20). It is more powerful, more comfortable, and more forgiving than the 98 models, and it reminds one of the Pure Storm and Pure Control models from Babolat’s past.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight (strung)
Pure Strike 9710.9 oz9716x2021/22/21mm65319
Pure Strike 98 (16x19)10.8 oz9816x1921/23/21mm66330
Pure Strike 98 (18x20)10.8 oz9818x2021/23/21mm66332
Pure Strike 100 (16x20)10.8 oz10016x2021/23/21mm64317
Pure Strike 10010.6 oz10016x1921/23/21mm66298
Pure Strike Team10.1 oz10016x1921/23/21mm68295

HEAD Speed 2024 Tennis Racquets

After last generation’s transition to Auxetic technology, HEAD upped the ante with Auxetic 2.0. The technology is not the easiest thing to describe, but Auxetic constructions create greater feedback at contact, even when you miss the sweet spot. The first generation Auxetic models used the effect in the racquet’s bridge. With Auxetic 2.0 the technology is added at the end of the grip, which is ideal because it is where your hand holds the racquet. HEAD Speed 2024

Models included are the Speed Pro, Speed MP, Speed MP L, and Speed Team. Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner, who just won his first major in Australia, endorse the Speed on tour. As far as the cosmetic goes, Black and White remains, but a new soft-to-the-touch lacquer perfectly matches the comfortable feel of the racquets. The standout Speed has to be the revamped Speed Team with a larger head size and slightly extended length. The racquet is the most forgiving model in the line.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight (strung)
Speed Pro10.9 oz10018x2023mm61326
Speed MP10.6 oz10016x1923mm61327
Speed MP L9.9 oz10016x1923mm62314
Speed Team10.8 oz10516x1924mm61295


HEAD Boom 2024 Tennis Racquets

Reigning US Open champion Coco Gauff and exciting young Italian Lorenzo Musetti endorse the Boom series on tour. Just like the Speed series, the Booms add the Auxetic Cage at the end of the handle to create a better connection to the racquet, improve shock absorption, and enhance the impact feel. For this update players can choose from the Boom Pro, Boom MP, Boom MP L, Boom Team, and Boom Team L. Also new for this launch, two different Boom MP colorways are offered. The Black and Teal version is similar to the previous model, but the Mint colorway is vibrant and different. HEAD Boom Tennis Racquets 2024The Team L is offered in the Mint colorway as well. The entire line has a special head shape and string spacing to promote consistency, power, and forgiveness. The Team L has an extended length and an oversize 107 head. It is the most powerful racquet in the lineup. The Boom Pro offers the most control and stability, and the Boom MP is the most well-rounded.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight (strung)
Boom Pro10.9 oz9816x1922 mm65324
Boom MP10.4 oz10016x1924 mm63317
Boom MP L9.5 oz10018x2024 mm 63300
Boom Team 9.7 oz10216x2025 mm63318
Boom Team L9.2 oz10716x1926 mm63308

Yonex EZONE AQUA NIGHT BLACK Tennis Racquets

The “easy one” gets a fresh look. Both the EZONE 98 and EZONE 100 get a dark cosmetic which is endorsed by Casper Ruud, Ben Shelton, and Jessica Pegula. The EZONE is the most popular Yonex silo because it plays with explosive power, but it is surprisingly comfortable. YONEX EZONE AQUA NIGHT BLACKBaseliners and all-court players love the versatility the frame gives them. These racquets feature a thicker shaft design for reduced torque and a thinner frame face for a softer feel. The specs are the same as the 7th Gen EZONES. These racquets use Yonex Vibration Dampening Mesh inside the handle to make them more comfortable.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight (strung)
EZONE 9810.8 oz9816x1923.5/24.5/19.5 mm64318
EZONE 10010.6 oz10016x1923.8/26.5/22.5 mm68320

DUNLOP CX 2024 Tennis Racquets

The CX racquets are all about control, but some new enhancements bring about a crisper feel with added stability. Control Frame Geometry streamlines the beam design to be stiffer which increases stability in the racquet face and throat. A new concave section at the top of the racquet reduces the stiffness of the hoop so the ball stays on the strings longer for better feel and control. Sonic Core with Infinergy is back again and it creates a solid dampened feel while still allowing for feedback. DUNLOP CX Tennis RacquetsThe comfort story is finished with Vibroshield, a highly elastic material located and the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the head and throat. Models include the CX 200, CX 200 Tour 16×19, CX 200 Tour, CX 200 LS, CX 200 OS, CX 400, and CX 400 Tour. The stand out is the CX 400 Tour. At 10.6 ounces it is very easy to swing, and the larger 100 square inch head is more spin friendly than the 200 models.

RacquetUnstrung WeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight (strung)
CX 200 Tour (18x20)11.1 oz9518x2020.5 mm65316
CX 200 Tour (16x19)10.9 oz9516x1920.5 mm65316
CX 20010.8 oz9816x1921.5 mm65315
CX 200 LS10.2 oz9816x1921.5 mm65310
CX 200 OS10.4 oz10516x1921.5 mm65321
CX 400 Tour10.6 oz10016x1923 mm68319
CX 40010.1 oz10016x1924 mm71312

Volkl VOSTRA Tennis Racquets

Volkl introduces RED CELL technology for their latest launch (coming March 25th!). The technology combines the strength and durability of VCELL material with the elasticity of REVA, which has been in Volkl handle dampening system’s for years. The are also bringing back the V-Engine, which places a unique V shape at the bottom of the racquet head lends added stiffness in the yoke area for more power and additional stability for better control. Two models the V9 VOSTRA 305g and the V9 VOSTRA 290g are available. And they both are very easy to play and slightly softer flexing frames. Bigger hitters will enjoy the extra stability of the heavier model, and those who need a lighter frame with more power will love the 290g version.


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