New Women’s Tennis Apparel from Sofibella

women's tennis apparel

When it comes to women’s tennis apparel, Sofibella is serving it up in style! The women’s tennis clothing brand has become a court staple by adding performance features such as memory stretch, stay-dry technology, and UV protection. Besides offering a colorful assortment of tennis prints, Sofibella constructs its tennis skirts, tanks, and dresses with microfiber material infused with anti-microbial properties. Their apparel is comparable to other luxury brands such as Tail, Lucky in Love, Jofit, and Lija. Check out their five new collections.

Women’s Tennis Apparel

#1. Sofibella Palm Beach Collection

Illustrating the beachy Florida coastline, the Palm Beach collection is chock-a-block full of glitz and glamor. Take for example the Sofibella Women’s Palm Beach 32 Inch Tennis Dress.

women's tennis apparel

This sleeveless dress has a beachy vibe. It is one of seven pieces and has a wave of frilly layers along with a lively palm-printed pattern. It also has a scoop neck design and a laser-cut perforation in the back. Besides Stay Dry moisture-wicking technology, this dress is made with flexible fabrics and memory stretch. It also has UPF 50+ for excellent sun protection. Available in Electric Sunset, this women’s tennis apparel dress is sure to electrifying your game, regardless of where the beach is!

#2. Sofibella Bella Primavera Women’s Tennis Apparel

Borrowed from an Italian term, alla primavera, which means “in the style of springtime”, this Sofibella collection is budding with color.  The six vibrant pieces have undertones of pinks and blues, and can easily mix and match to create the perfect tennis outfit. One illustration from the Primavera collection is the Sofibella Women’s 14-inch High-Waisted Tennis Skort.

Designed with UV protection and stay-dry technology, this versatile tennis skirt  adds a touch of class to your tennis wardrobe. It too is made with memory stretch fabric so that you can experience flexibility and freedom of movement. Plus, it comes with built-in undershorts and comfortable elastic waistband, not to mention the adorable pleats.

#3. Sofibella Diamond Rush Women’s Tennis Apparel

Another new collection is the Sofibella Diamond Rush. This assortment of new tennis clothes for women is comprised of 10 extravagant pieces. One of which is the Sofibella Women’s Diamond Jacquard Long Sleeve Tennis Top.

Talk about a healthy combination of style and functionality, this long-steve-tennis top is absolutely delightful. It boasts UV protection, shielding you from the sun’s’ harmful rays. Besides stay-dry technology, it has special mesh panels that have been strategically placed around the shoulders to provide additional breathability. All of the items from this collection are made with a microfiber material, memory stretch material and come in solid white.

#4. Sofibella Denim Blues Apparel Collection For Women

Next up we have the Denim Blues collection.  This compilation is both flirty and glamourous, all at the same time. The Sofibella Women’s Tennis Tank makes an excellent example of denim, which you don’t normally see on the court.

women's tennis apparelUnlike other women’s tennis apparel, these pieces were created with a vintage-inspired look that doesn’t compromise comfort or performance. Built with Sofi Premier fabrics, these pieces will elevate your on-court experience and reinvigorate your game.  Also, the Stay Dry technology helps keep you cool, no matter how steamy the points might get. Best of all, this collection is available in all sizes, including X-Small and X-Large.

#5. Sofibella Bella Lite Tennis Apparel Collection For Women

Last, but in no way least is the Sofibella Bella Lite tennis collection. There are almost three dozen pieces in this beautiful Bella collection. From tennis shirts to tennis skirts, and everything in between, you can easily mix and match nearly everything in this collection. Plus, it’s great for ladies league’s looking for team uniform. Besides an assortment of styles, this collection comes in various colorways. From light pastels, to deep blues and purples this line has something for everyone. The Sofibella Women’s Bella Lite Tank Tie in Citrus is just one example.

Made from lightweight fabric, this tennis tank has performance features like quick-dry and UV protection. Likewise, it’s extremely comfortable and has a cute tie-back design that you can adjust to fit your needs. Additional styles are available in similar colorways and sport features like a V-Neck as opposed to a rounded crewneck, or short sleeves as opposed to sleeveless. Also, the tennis skirts in this collection come in 12, 13, and 14 inches.

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