First Impressions: What Tennis is like to the Beginners?


For those who have been playing for a while, it can be hard to remember what the first time picking up a racket was like. However, many people are just beginning their tennis experience. Here at Tennis Express, we have players who are just beginning this high-impact sport plus some more advanced players who have some pointers to give those who are just starting out. If you are a beginner at tennis then you will love what some of our employees have to say about their first time playing the sport and some of what they have learned.

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Whether you are a beginner at tennis or a pro, come check out Tennis Express!

First Impressions of Tennis

Often new players are introduced to tennis through a friend or family member. For many of the employees here at Tennis Express, it’s no different. Whether it was an aunt or their dad who introduced them they have a budding interest in the sport. Here are some of the first impressions that our employees had about Tennis:

  • People either love or hate Tennis. However, those who love it are addicted.
  • It’s a fun way to stay active. Tennis makes for a good workout.
  • You can start playing at any age. There isn’t ever a wrong time to start playing tennis. It is also a great sport to pick up again if you haven’t played in a while.
  • It’s very impactful. You have to work hard to get good at the sport.
  • It’s very fancy and U.S. competitions are known for their festive competitions, while the U.K. is very proper in theirs.
  • For some, their interest grew out of the merchandise. Some of the items that piqued their interest were apparel, rackets, and tennis shoes.
  • Tennis players are usually very kind and considerate. It’s a gentleman’s sport, similar to golf.

There are many first impressions you could have when it comes to tennis. Everything from merchandise to players, to friends, and the gentlemanly atmosphere makes an impact on various people. Lucky for us, Tennis Express is a place where tennis fans can get together and enjoy their favorite sport. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner at tennis or a pro, there are players at every stage that you can meet. Consult our experts or nerd out over various types of gear, we have it all.

Pointers from Advanced Players

While some of Tennis Express’s employees are beginners at tennis, many have been playing for years. These players enjoy giving feedback and pointers to newer players and we decided to interview a few of them for today’s blog. Here are a few things that our more advanced players have said to consider when starting out:

Don’t forget tennis balls.

It may seem silly to think that you would forget a main component of the game. However, don’t rely on your partner to bring the balls for both of you. If you do that then there’s a likely chance that you will both end up swinging at air.

Most points are won by mistakes.

Missing a swing, being at the wrong end of the court. It’s really not about how hard you hit the ball, it’s about trying to get your opponent to slip up.

Shoes designed for tennis matter!

Don’t think your old converse or running sneaker will do the trick. The court is a different material than what those shoes are made for, plus you are doing more than just running. Get shoes that can hold up to the game!

Don’t overswing.

It may be tempting to treat the racket like a baseball bat but it’s a racket and deserves to be treated like one. Overswinging isn’t just going to hurt your racket but it can also hurt you. Plus, your partner if you launch a tennis ball at them full force.

Most injuries that happen occur because of over-excursion.

When starting out on the court don’t decide to play for 5 hours in one sitting. Ease yourself into it to get your body used to the sport. That way when you do get better and build those muscles you can play however long you want.

Tennis isn’t a team sport.

Both beginners at tennis and more advanced players have mentioned this. Many people are drawn to the sport because of its solo approach. If you win it’s on you, and if you lose it’s on you. There’s no one to stop you or hold you back but yourself. This means that as you play tennis regularly you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your skills.

beginners at tennis

Tennis Express and Beginners at Tennis

If you are looking to start tennis or you want a few pointers then come talk with our players. Many of our employees at Tennis Express can help you to find the right equipment to start out with and give you a few pointers about the game. You can also learn more about their first impressions about tennis and what makes them fans of the sport. So come talk with our employees and check out our men’s and women’s apparel. You can also check out our rackets and find the best one to perfect your swing. So, if you are a beginner at tennis then check us out today!



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