Cute Tennis Outfits for 2021

2021 is starting right with cute tennis outfits from Eleven. Their upcoming In the Curves Collection is fun and flirty as well as functional. As we gear up for this year’s tournaments we can also enjoy many of the new styles that are coming out. Many of these pieces offer some functional flair to your A-game and will keep you playing during the warmer months. Although you can buy each item separately, you can also pair these articles with others in the collection for a complete look. Each piece in this collection has technological benefits to keep you playing your best. Some of the benefits you will see in this collection are:

  • UPF 50+
  • Breathability
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

These are some of the cute tennis outfits you will find this upcoming spring 2021.

Cute Tennis Outfits
Make sure your tennis outfits are both cute and functional.

Eleven Women’s Snake Race Day Tank

Breathable and flowy this Eleven Women’s Snake Race Day Tank has fashion-forward racerback straps and a flowing hem. This tank features SuperFino™ making it lightweight, durable, and flattering for any body type. It also features a snake print pattern on the back which wraps around the front and has bold stitching around the neckline and along the straps. Pair this with leggings or a plain skirt to add a touch of flair to your wardrobe. While this tank is feminine and stylish it also has everything you need to keep playing your best and is made with Reprieve™ recycled material. So, not only are you getting a stylish tank but you are also taking care of the environment. Bold, stylish, and ready to take on the competition, everything you would expect from Eleven by Venus Williams.

Eleven Women’s Sun Bliss 13″ Tennis Skort

This skort comes in cloud blue and sunny coral and has a tiered circle snake print with ruffle detail. Featuring built-in shorties this skirt is just the thing your tennis wardrobe needs. It is also more than just fashion-forward, this skort has technical benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. Plus, because of its benefits, you will play longer on those hot sunny days. If you like both ruffles and functionality then you will love this skort. This piece flaunts its femininity while also helping you to kill it on the court.

Eleven Women’s Love to Love Rib Tee

If you are looking for a top that has more coverage then you will love the Eleven Women’s Love to Love Rib Tee.  This top is a classic short sleeve top made from Reprieve™ recycled material and has SuperFino™ technology making it both durable and lightweight so you can fly across the court. This tee sports a simple style yet has a bold coral color. Since this top is bold yet simple it can be paired with nearly any item you have or any of the articles from this collection. You will also love this top because it is made from materials that will flatter any body type and is designed to keep you cool for the warmer months.

2021 Cute Tennis Outfits
Tennis Express

Eleven Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tennis Skort

This skort also shows off a simple ribbed style while adding to its mobility with a sporty slit. It has a soft elastic waistband and lightweight material, that will keep you comfortable during every game. Plus with its built-in shorties, you can worry less about your outfit and focus on your A-game. Just like the other items in this collection, it is both functional and environmentally friendly. Also, because of its simple style and bold bright white and sunny coral colors, you can pair it with nearly any item you have currently in your wardrobe or with others from this collection.

Cute Tennis Outfits for 2021
Cute Tennis Outfits for 2021

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