HEAD Launches new Gravity Racquet Family: It Won’t Bring You Down

The phrases “A new force is coming”, and “Massive Sweet Spot Dominates the Game” have been rampant on all of HEAD’s social media channels of late. Perhaps the worst kept secret is that HEAD is launching a brand new Gravity racquet silo to go alongside the Speed, Radical, Extreme, Prestige, and Instinct lines. For those of you still paying attention, here is a quick summary of HEAD’s current racquet families.

Prestige – Absolute Precision
Radical – For Every Shot in the Game
Speed – Fast Racquet, Fast Game
Extreme – The Ultimate Spin Machine
Instinct – Effortless Power
GravityMassive Sweetspot

Alexander Zverev Gravity Banner

The poster child for Gravity is none other than reigning ATP Master’s Cup champion, and top five player Alexander Zverev. He has been playing with a special edition racquet to tease the new launch, and should have the new frame in hand when the summer hard court season gets underway.
The first things noticeable about the Gravity series are the Teal/Lava flip design and larger looking, teardrop-shaped hoops. The Pro, MP, and MP Lite slant a bit more towards control, while the S and Lite offer more power and forgiveness. Let’s dive deeper into the Gravity series to help you determine which frame is best for your game.

Gravity S

Let’s get started with the most interesting Gravity frame, the Gravity S. It has a massive sweet spot and not-too-common 104 square inch head size. The racquet still looks closer to a mid plus than an oversize, and the flat 24 millimeter beam is only slightly thicker than the current Speed MP. The technology is an evolution of the existing Graphene 360, which delivers improved stability and energy transfer. The Gravity’s incorporate Spiralfiber sections at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions (shoulders) for improved flex and a clean feel at contact. HEAD is calling the combination of the two technologies Graphene 360+. Another shift from HEAD comes in the form of a rarely seen 16 x 20 string pattern. New Force RedWith a 16 x 20 pattern on a 104 head size, the ball really digs into the string bed for a unique feel unlike any of HEAD’s other “S” frames. The Gravity S sports a larger and higher sweet spot that’s perfect for today’s game. The best attribute for the Gravity S is that just about any level player can enjoy success with the frame due to its easy-to-manage 10.7 ounce weight.

Gravity Lite

The Gravity Lite differs slightly from the S in that it’s slightly less head light, and only 10.1 ounces strung. The Lite makes a great frame for beginner and intermediate players looking for a big sweet spot in a lightweight package. The Lite has a very stable even-balance which gives really good control even when absorbing pace. 

Gravity MP & MP Lite

The Gravity MP and MP Lite have the more common 100 square inch head, but keep the same 16 x 20 string pattern as the S and Lite. The MP and MP Lite also trim the beam width down to a flat 22 millimeter cross section. Head Gravity MPBoth frames are easy to swing, and the combination of the string pattern and Spiralfiber technology make them some of the more comfortable frames HEAD has produced in a while. The MP offers another bonus in that it is only about 11.0 ounces strung, and should be a great option for tennis enthusiasts at an intermediate to advanced level. The MP will have fans in the heavy topspin grinder category, as well as aggressive all court players. The MP Lite offers the same technology and massive sweet spot as the Gravity MP, but in a snappy 10.5 ounce weight. It makes a perfect option for players needing more mobility than the standard MP.

Gravity Pro

The last frame in the lineup is the Gravity Pro. With an 18 x 20 string pattern and thinner 20 millimeter beam, the Pro is the most control-oriented Gravity. For an 18 x 20 pattern, the Pro offers surprisingly easy access to spin, and with a slightly more head light balance than the MP, the stable 11.7 ounce frame is capable of faster swing speeds. Graphene 360+ gives the Gravity Pro a clean and connected-to-the-ball feel. The Gravity Pro seems like the child of the Prestige MP and Speed Pro. Tear Drop Massive Sweet SpotThe sweet spot across the whole racquet line sits higher in the string bed, and is very noticeable in the Pro.

The feel and comfort are the standout features of the Gravity series. They offer a crowded racquet marketplace something new with a huge sweet spot, plenty of flex and a stable feel at impact. The Gravity series Pre-Sale is on now, while the racquets start shipping on July 18.


Here are all the unstrung specs on the new HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity racquets:

Head Size100 in²100 in²100 in²104 in²104 in²
Weight11.1 oz / 315 g10.4 oz / 295 g9.9 oz / 280 g10.1 oz / 285 g9.5 oz / 270 g
Balance1 inch HL / 31.5 cm.7 in HL / 32.5 cm.7 in HL / 32.5 cm.7 in HL / 32.5 cm.3 in HL / 33.5 cm
Beam20 mm22 mm22 mm24 mm24 mm
Length27 inches27 inches27 inches27 inches27 inches
String Pattern18 x 2016 x 2016 x 2016 x 2016 x 20
Approximate Swing Weight300295280280270
RA Flex Rating6261616059

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