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2020 Yonex Ezones in Japanese Factory

While it’s long been a high quality brand, Yonex seems to have really caught fire in the last few years with a slew of high profile players and fantastic frame lines. The Ezone line has long been renowned for its blend of power and playability. With its most recent edition being somewhat polarizing (especially coming after the beloved DR generation) Yonex is looking to get its groove back with the 2020 Ezone lineup. For this update Yonex is bringing a host of new tech to the fold. The frames are now built with M40X in the throat. This uniquely flexible graphite provides improved flex and feel without sacrificing the stability that has become a hallmark of the Ezone line. In the handle, Yonex incorporates the Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) fist seen in the latest Vcore Pro series. This mesh improves vibration reduction and shock absorption without robbing the racquet of its feedback. In a carryover of existing tech, Yonex again uses Liner Tech grommets. This system reduces string to frame friction, yielding increased power and comfort. With all these technical upgrades, it’s only fair that Yonex offer them in a host of different variations within the Ezone family.

EZONE 98 and 98L

Yonex Ezone 98 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet                           Yonex Ezone 98L Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

Fans of compact head sizes and top level precision will want to consider the Ezone 98 or Ezone 98L. Both use a 23/24/19 mm beam that blends outstanding control with solid power. Both also utilize a 16 x 19 string pattern that is denser in the middle and wider at the edges, providing an optimum blend of spin and control. The Ezone 98 weighs 11.3 oz strung and has the mass to effectively control the court. Its headlight balance makes it easy to accelerate and allows it to be exceptionally maneuverable at net. For players seeking compact frame performance in a lighter package, the Ezone 98L fits the bill. It boasts the same frame width as the standard 98, but in a package that weighs 10.6 oz strung. As a result, the 98L is lightning quick to accelerate and can snap off winners on the dead run with ease. The 98L has a balance closer to even, giving it solid punching power and stability above average for its weight class. Whether you want a player frame with mass like the Ezone 98 or something with quick reflexes and easier use like the Ezone 98L, Yonex has you covered.

EZONE 100, 100L and 100SL

Yonex Ezone 100 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet           Yonex Ezone 100L Deep Blue Tennis Racquet          Yonex Ezone 100SL Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

For those who like a little more head size real estate, Yonex has 3 different weight options in the 100 inch version of the Ezone. All 3 utilize the same 23.5/26/22 mm beam, giving them easier access to free power than their 98 inch siblings. The standard Ezone 100 weighs 11.2 oz strung and is an ideal weapon for the power baseliner. Its headlight balance also allows it to smoothly transition to the front of the court. The 100 also has a 16 x 19 pattern for hitting with a combination of spin and control. For something a little easier to swing, there’s the Ezone 100L. With similar beam construction and string pattern, the 100L lowers the weight to 10.6 oz strung. This gives it exceptional speed off the ground and fast net reflexes. It keeps a slightly headlight balance, making it dangerous on the run while still being stable against big hitters. Players who want to go as light as possible without going to larger head sizes will target the Ezone 100SL. Dropping down to 10 oz strung makes this version the fastest swinging 100 in the family. It is quick to position at the net while having enough pop to hit baseline winners. The 100SL also has a 16 x 18 pattern, giving it even more spin potential than the other models. It is the ideal option for developing players and juniors who need something easy to swing that won’t compromise their development. With the Ezone 100, 100L and 100SL, Yonex has ensured a wide range of players will find a racquet that matches their game.

EZONE 105 and 108

Yonex Ezone 105 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet                        Yonex Ezone 108 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

Need power, forgiveness and playability? Yonex sees you and is bringing the Ezone 105 and Ezone 108 for you. The Ezone 105 offers a huge sweet spot thanks to its 105 inch Isometric head. The 23.5/26.23 mm beam has plenty of easy power to tap into, even if your stroke is a little shorter. The even balance of the 105 ensures punching power and some enhanced stability for its weight. At 10.3oz strung, the Ezone 105 blends easy swing speed and power and has plenty of spin from its 16 x 19 pattern. Players who need even more forgiveness and juice can turn to the Ezone 108. The 108 inch head and 26/29/24 mm beam ensure maximum power is on hand at all times. Weighing in at 9.6 oz strung, the Ezone 108 is effortless to swing and accessible to any player. The even balance helps keep the frame stable on contact and gives it some additional punch for compact stroke styles. The 16 x 18 pattern of the 1080 ensures that anyone can add some spin to their shot selection.

Conclusion and New Additions

New Yonex Ezone Tennis Racquet models

From high performance frames to game improvement models, Yonex is covering all the bases with its newest family of Ezone frames. Yonex has brought back more of the outstanding feel of the DR generation while keeping the more modern sensibilities of the recent version. In this turbulent year, Yonex has even more good news! They have recently announced that extended length versions of the 98 and 100 (dubbed 98+ and 100+) as well as a 98 Tour (increased weight and softer composition) will be joining the Ezone family over course of summer 2020. With these additions Yonex has truly covered every players needs with the Ezone series, ensuring each model plays with an impressive blend of power control and responsiveness. Be sure to shop the full Yonex Ezone collection at Tennis Express and find your next frame!

Matt Locke HeadshotAbout the Author: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5+ League and Tournament player. He loves Nadal’s determination, but secretly wishes he had Federer’s effortless style.



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