Top Style with Nike Bottoms!

Hey tennis fans, this week I want to talk to you about our new Nike Summer Collection! Today we will dive into the bottoms that Nike has to offer. Let’s take a look.

NIKE MENS GLADIATOR 2 IN 1 TENNIS SHORTMy favorite bottom of them all is the Nike Gladiator 2 in 1 short. These shorts are amazing because they have compression shorts built in inside of them, so there’s no need to buy the compression to play tennis. These shorts are an excellent choice if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and performance. An elastic waistband allows for a perfect fit without constricting or compromising your ease of motion.


NIKE MENS GLADIATOR 9 INCH TENNIS SHORTOne of the more popular shorts on the market, the Nike Gladiator 9 inch tennis shorts. Lightweight, stretch fabric features Dri-Fit technology, which pulls sweat away from the body to leave the skin dry and feeling fresh. V-notch detail is added on the hem to increase mobility, while the back pocket helps to secure your items. Check these cool shorts out and you’ll see why everyone loves them!


NIKE MENS COURT 9 INCH PLAID TNS SHORTTo finish off, we have the awesome Nike Men’s Court Plaid tennis shorts. These shorts are so flashy and nowadays people love to show off their bright colors and designs. They feature premiere sweat-wicking comfort and style. The ventilated side panels help to increase breathability, while the elastic waistband allows you to choose a personalized fit. Dri-Fit fabrication pulls sweat away from the body and the mesh side pockets permit for an extra department of breathability and storage.


Check these and all of our other bottoms at, and start winning in style today!

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