Be About It! Babolat French Open Bags

Be About It! Babolat French Open Bags


Now available, Babolat’s French Open Bags and Backpack take on major color and creativity this season with their Roland Garros French Open Tennis Bags and Backpacks just arriving for summer and the end of clay season!

Take your pick at the perfectly proportioned bag to fulfill your tennis game. I bought and still adore last year’s red, white, and blue version of the backpack, but this year they restructured the basics and increased the quality and size of some pockets. All of the bags are designed with energizing light blue lines that pop on the navy blue background. The orange that brands these Roland Garros Paris bags is hard-hitting!

For a quick hit and a light carry, grab on to the Club French Open Tennis Backpack. It can carry everything you need for the court. The main pocket opens wide enough and is deep enough for balls and water bottles – so this bag isn’t just for looks. It’s a comfortable and practical choice with easy-access zip handles and padding in the shoulders. This one is the same size as my backpack but has less zippers on front. A year later, I still treat my Babolat backpack like brand new because I love it so much!


Have more time on your hands to practice? Grab your Pure 6 Pack French Open Tennis Bag and use it over and over again for 6 racquets. It’s a sensible bag for someone taking advantage of the Tennis Express Demo program and our extensive selection of top brand racquets.  This bag’s bringing quality upgrades like an insulated compartment to retain string tension and new, bigger openings. I like the switch from light blue accents in the backpack to this bag’s yellow lines, zippers, and stitching. See Tonga carry this on clay come May 22nd.


For the competitive players, the Pure 12 Pack is your exclusive carry-all. These three compartments were upgraded to be bigger and better as well, so no scratching and struggling with racquets at all. Trust Babolat to store your tiny or important accessories safely, all day long if needed, in the hard-shell pocket inlcuded. That does the job for me because I wear my charm bracelet everywhere EXCEPT the tennis court. Carry this innovative bag, and the win, stylishly on your back with backpack straps for easy carry!

Have to have the bags, and want to see the French Open Tennis Racquets to match? We’ve got those too so you can turn any stadium into Stade Roland Garros!

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