League Ladies Guide: Shady Days

Ladies League Guide: Shady Days


This blog is for the fashion-forward ladies that always stay true to the season’s style customs. As it goes, leaves start to fall and the weather drops. You pull out your darks, long sleeves, favorite leggings, and even sweats so you can play in the cold/for the cold days when you’re craving the court. Well do the same special  wardrobe setting for your league tennis gear. This guide will provide you with four brands that created collections that fall right on the line and are IN for winter fashion. 

 Stella McCartney Tennis Fashion from adidas
 The fashion world volted Thursday as fashion giant Gucci announced that they will go furless in 2018.  Famed tennis apparel designer Stella McCartney spoke to Vogue at the Forces of Fashion event with satisfaction that she had a lead into to that industry altering announcement.  Her collections, which are more than just sustainable, embrace the staples of luxury wear with feel-good (inside & out) fashion. Teams: McCartney’s New York collection, above,  carries all the cool shades of gray, jackets for every occasion, and tanks with quality ribbing and seams. For teams likes the down-to-earth palette, below, the Lucky in Love Love Not War collection offers more gray top and skort combos.

‘I think fashion has to remain fun and luxurious and desirable, and you can live a dream through what we are creating, but you can [also] have a sense of security that you’re consuming in a more conscious way. We’re trying our best—we aren’t perfect, but we’re opening up a conversation that hasn’t really been had in the history of fashion. Now is the time for change, now is the time to look at what can be done and how technology can save us.” (Vogue)

 New Women's Tennis Fashions from Lucky In Love
 The army green overload is one of my favorite trends because the color is so unisex; it really looks amazing on everyone. The Army of Lovers and Mystical collections, made by Denise Cronwall, features feminine long sleeve tops that bring a huge inhale to your winter wardrobe. The true earth-tone green will be an automatic to pack for the winter cabin vacation or hikes through a snowy forest!
New Tennis Fashion for Women by Denise Cronwall
Lija, oh Lija! To wear this brand is to wear beauty and confidence. The long sleeves, the skapri, and the Game Day jacket really make this collection practice friendly and the colors, (once again), fit into a gorgeous winter wonderland. Cover the shivering winter pain away with the Horizon Print and the sky blue colors of Lija’s Bold Pursuit.
New Women's Tennis Fashion from Lija
 There are length and coverage options for every lady in the game, so no matter your winter weather you can embrace style coast to coast.
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