Tecnifibre Refreshes T-Fight Racquets with RS Technology

Tecnifibre T-Fight RS 305 Tennis RacquetJust in time for the US Open, Tecnifibre refreshes their most popular tennis racquet line – The T-Fights. Just last summer, Daniil Medvedev had a scorching run on the North American hard courts, which culminated in a valiant battle with Nadal in the US Open final. Though he lost the match, it was huge exposure for Tecnifibre, as he is the high profile endorser of the T-Fight 305 racquet.


New Racquet Technology

The new T-Fight racquet models incorporate innovative cross section technologies called “RS” and “RSL”. RS refers to the “R” shape of the 5 sided beam design throughout the racquets. The idea is to blend the stability and control of a square beam design, with the power of an elliptical beam design. The R Section is designed to limit frame twisting and increase power.

There are five racquets included in the RS T-Fight line, and they are split into two categories. The RSL models, 280 and 295, have a 7% larger beam than the RS models, the 300, 305, and 315. The lighter weight configurations will play with slightly more power than the 300 series racquets. Tecnifibre’s Dynacore HD returns from the previous T-Fight versions, and it refers to a long braid continuous fiber which maintains flexibility without a drop in power. The brand’s Xtreme Touch Construction carries over from the previous generation, and it blends graphite, alloy, and polyester fibers above the grip to increase stability and ball feel. The 305 model has XTC located in three additional areas of the racquet head.

Foam Filled

To provide vibration absorption and comfort, the 300 series models are filled with foam throughout the inside of the shaft and head. In 2020, Tecnifibre removed the T-Fight 320 from the line, so now the 305 is the only T-Fight model with a slightly more dense 18 x 19 string pattern.

Below – we cut into a T-Fight 305 and we found foam all throughout the hoop and shaft. The image also shows a good view of the “R” section.

Lightweight Models Provide More Power

Tecnifibre’s lighter T-Fight models the 280 and the 295, both feature the aforementioned thicker beam (23 mm) and spacious 100 square inch heads. These models are more explosive and modern feeling than the foam filled 300 series. The 295 could be a great choice for a platform racquet that players can customize to specific needs or desires. Racquet specs for the RSLs are below.

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