Keys and Kyrgios as Tennis’ Most Wanted!

Keys and Kyrgios as Tennis’ Most Wanted!

Saturday NikeCourt released its latest and self-proclaimed, GREATEST tennis shoe: the Air Zoom Vapor X. The mystery behind the Roman numeral could only be answered by a shoe that is, hands down, “notorious for its winning pedigree.”


The shoe that kept quiet and let the records speak for themselves debuted a new series in only black, white, and a slice of Solar Red. They retail at about $140 and are available here.


Notable household names and tennis heroes wore and won in this famous footwear. From Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova, to Roger Federer (who inspired my first pink pair.) Overall the Nike Vapor has landed the winning point for an astonishing 31 major titles, via @NikeCourt.


An advocate for many, Madison Keys as Nike’s Most Wanted for “lack of fear on court.”

The court defying 22-year-old Nick Kyrgios as Nike’s Most Wanted for “disturbing the peace.”

U.S. Open finalist Madison Keys and Nick Kyrgios represent the NikeCourt Vapor X campaign as being most wanted on the court! All we want is to play a little more like them with this new generation of high-performance court shoes!

To get the full fit information and product review for this tennis shoe check out our blog post,  “Sneaker Review: Putting The NikeCourt Zoom Vapor X To The Test



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