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There seems to be a common misconception that oversize racquets are “only for certain players” (aka older/ and those who need tons of free power). Yes, some oversize frames may be more beneficial for older or weaker players, but not every single one. In the ‘90s we even started seeing some pro players using oversize frames and these weren’t your typical sold-in-store racquets either. These were hefty frames that were customized to the pro player’s specific specs. So what’s the benefit of using an oversize player frame vs a traditional midsize frame? Really it comes down to a larger sweetspot, outstanding stability, and more power. Let’s take a look at some top oversize frames that are better suited for advanced players in today’s game.


Wilson Blade Serena Williams Autograph v7

Wilson Blade Serena Williams Autograph v7 Tennis Racquet

As this racquet was made for Serena, it takes an athlete of strength and technical savvy to use it successfully. This specific Blade is based off the same racquet specs Serena uses on tour. It features an extended 28 inch length and 18 x 19 string pattern which is a very rare combo for racquets today. This extra length is great for getting those out-of-reach balls, but the length also increases the swingweight making it more cumbersome. The 18 x 19 pattern is better for increased control while still allowing for easy access to spin. Thanks to Wilson’s newest technologies and a thinner 22 mm flat beam, this frame has a tremendous amount of feel and comfort. The larger 104 square inch head size gives you a bigger sweetspot to make great ball contact every time. Though the strung weight is only 11.4 ounces, the higher swingweight of 330+ allows for better torsional stability and plow through.


Head Graphene 360+ Gravity S

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity S Tennis Racquet

One of Head’s newest racquet lines to hit the industry is the Gravity series. Unlike anything else, these frames feature a unique teardrop shaped head which raises the sweetspot in the racquet head. The Gravity S in particular has a 104 square inch head so you get a little extra help where you need it most. It features a softer flex thanks to Graphene 360+ technology, a modern 24 mm beam and more open 16 x 20 string pattern. This translates to a power punching frame with great feel and easy access to spin. It does come middle of the road in terms of strung weight (10.7 oz) and swingweight (310), but that can easily be increased with a little lead tape or a leather grip.


Babolat Pure Drive 107

2018 Babolat Pure Drive 107 Tennis Racquet

The Pure Drive 107 is definitely a topspin baseliners’ dream oversize racquet. This model offers a larger 107 square inch head size, a slightly extended length (27.2 inches), and a slightly higher swingweight (321) resulting in more court penetration as well as a nice size sweetspot. Even though it does incorporate more feel than before, it’s still going to be on the stiffer end of the spectrum giving you loads of power and spin. An anti-twisting elliptical frame also helps optimize the power and keeps it stable when your going up against hard hitters.


Wilson Clash 108

Wilson Clash 108 Tennis Racquet

This is for sure a unique tennis racquet brought to the oversize market. It incorporates FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies which work together to provide best-in-class stability and flexibility every direction you swing. The specs for this frame may favor the beginner to intermediate level player with a 10.5 ounce strung weight, 108 square inch head, and an open 16 x 19 string pattern. However, with a slightly extended length (27.25 inch), larger sweetspot, and low flex (54) this frame can be customized to fit an advanced players’ needs.


Dunlop SX 600

Dunlop SX 600 Tennis Racquet

If you’re looking for a frame with maximum spin potential, then the Dunlop SX 600 is it. Dunlop adds Spin Boost grommets, at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions allowing the main strings to slide 46% more.  In combination with the 105 square inch head size, the SX 600 ensures a larger sweetspot and easy generation of spin even with off-center hits. Sonic Core Technology with Infinergy makes this frame comfortable and flexible even though it has a 66 RA rating. The slightly extended length (27.25 inch) and thicker 23/26.5/23 mm beam allow for greater power as well as stability. Though it comes in at 10 ounces strung and has a relatively low swingweight, its simple to customize and make it into something special.


Volkl V-Feel V1 OS

Volkl V-Feel V1 OS Tennis Racquet

I find the V-Feel V1 OS to be a true diamond in the rough. It may be built for a beginner, but you can certainly customize it to be a more demanding and rewarding frame at higher levels. It features a massive 110 square inch head and open 16 x 19 string pattern for effortless power as well as spin. There’s an extended 27.6 inch length for a better chance to get balls back and a larger cross section of 26/23/29 mm for great stability. On the downside it may be a more power based frame, but could be fixed with a firmer control-oriented string.


Honorable Mention

Head Radical OS LTD 25th Anniversary


The Head Radical OS Limited Tennis Racquet or the “Bumblebee” as its users call it is a celebration of Andre Agassi’s Radical OS racquet from the 1990s. The 107 inch head size, 18 x 19 string pattern, and 330+ swingweight offer unrivaled plow through as well as pinpoint control. The 21 mm constant beam is all about flexibility and comfort, while the 6 point head light balance keeps it practical to maneuver.

Pro Kennex 2019 Ki Q+ 15

Pro Kennex Ki Q+ 15 Tennis Racquet


This is one of the most versatile racquets in the Pro Kennex family. The 2019 Ki Q+ 15 has a generous 105 square inch head that creates an enlarged sweetspot for easy hitting. This frame also comes at a 27.5 inch length and 320 swingweight giving you a little more reach around the court and leverage to get pace on your shots. Although the beam width is relatively thicker (26 mm) and the flex is on the higher-end (72), Pro Kennex does a great job in making this racquet comfortable to hit with. The Kinetic Energy Chambers are increased by 25% to give you less shock, vibration and torque while maintaining arm comfort. The Ki Q+ 15 does come in at a relatively lighter strung weight (10.6 oz), but adding some lead tape can help alleviate some doubts about how well this racquet can perform.


There are a wide range of oversize players’ frames that can certainly be beneficial for advanced players today. No matter what racquet you’re looking for, make sure to demo it at before purchasing so you can find the right fit.

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