Wilson Ultra 100 CV: The Kinder, Gentler Ultra

Wilson Ultra Close Up

The Wilson Ultra 100 CV: The Kinder, Gentler Ultra

On tour, Wilson players Feliciano Lopez and Lucie Safarova play with the Ultra 100 CV. Let’s dive a little deeper into what makes the Ultra such a solid complement to their games. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Ultra 100 is how easy it is to generate power. Today’s players grind from well behind the baseline, but also have the skills to venture forward and finish off points at the net. The Ultra line was created to help players be effective and explosive from every inch of the court.

The 100-square-inch-head generates a healthy sweet spot, and the string bed feels comfortable even when missing the target by a bit. Wilson used Power Rib technology in the throat to help stabilize the lighter weight frame, and give its user more pop but also more directional control.

Lighter, stiffer, and more powerful frames don’t generally score high marks for feel and comfort. Wilson has done tennis players a solid by making the Ultra a powerful racquet, but also a comfortable one.  Countervail, Wilson’s carbon layer injection into the frame, maximizes energy return and greatly reduces muscle fatigue that tends to occur in the lighter/stiffer realm of racquets. The Ultra 100 is one of the most comfortable “tweener” racquets ever made.

Wilson Ultra Technology

The 16×19 string pattern envelopes the ball nicely whether you hit flat through the court or with high looping topspin. The Crush Zone grommets keep the ball on the strings a bit longer for pinpoint accuracy and a connected-to-ball feel. The Ultra 100 maintains a dependable level of control on fast and slow swings with remarkable consistency. Simply put, it fits a huge cross section of tennis players.

The Ultra 100 is an enjoyable racquet to use. Power players will love the huge sweet spot and stable feel. Control seekers will enjoy the consistent response on (or around) the sweet spot. Even those with tender elbows can make the Ultra work for them with a soft string like Wilson NXT or Luxilon Natural Gut.

The Ultra 100 is a difficult racquet to categorize, and I mean that in a good way. It has been designed to help players of all game styles and abilities, making it one of the most versatile racquets on the market. Wilson placed a substantial amount of technology in the Ultra line and have made a powerful yet comfortably-dampened option for all levels of play.

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