Head Auxetic Boom Pro Review

Head takes a bold new direction with the introduction of the Auxetic Boom Pro. The heaviest member of the all-new Boom racquet silo, the Pro also sports a compact 98” head size. Graphene 360+ returns but now includes Auxetic construction in the bridge for improved feel and stability. A Morph Beam design pairs an elongated shaft for feel with a thicker head for power and stability. The Boom series also has a unique head shape compared to other Head models and has a uniform string pattern for consistency.

HEAD Boom Pro Tennis Racquet

At the baseline, the Boom Pro played with ample power and stability. I was able to load shots with depth and pace off both wings. At 11.5oz strung, it had plenty of mass to hit big and absorb pace. The frame accelerated easily, producing pace and spin no matter what side I hit from. The 16×19 pattern was spin friendly and I mixed up height and direction easily. The ball exited the string bed very quickly and I had difficulty executing slices and delicate shots. On defense, the Pro allowed me to get balls deep and with enough pace to extend points. The smaller head size made the Pro more accurate and controlled than others in the line. Overall, it had a strong blend of precision and power.

Volleys & Serves
The Boom Pro was most successful when attacking the net. I was able to put high volleys away easily and direct balls to the corners. Power was easy to access, and I did damage with both forehand and backhand volleys. I wanted more feedback for executing touch volleys but was satisfied with the angles I could create. Against big hitters, I had no problem blocking pace and absorbing hard hit balls. Players who work the net with an attacking mindset will be rewarded by the Boom Pro.

On serve, I had options to pick from. My flat serve was a little hard to reign in, but I eventually found enough rhythm to mix it in. The frame excelled at kick serves, producing height and movement off the court. Slice serves benefitted from the extra mass of the Pro, keeping the ball low and skidding away from opponents. While not as accurate as a Prestige, I was able to mix my serves up and pick aggressive targets most of the time. Having this variety gave me confidence to go for big flat serves when trying to close games out.

I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the feel of the Boom Pro. The racquet played with a crisp, clean feel that was also comfortable. However, the firm nature meant the ball came off the string bed very quickly, giving me less connection to the ball. At times, I was not sure what the ball was doing on contact. Auxetic gave the frame a uniform response and feel and helped clean up off center shots. For me, the feel rewarded consistent aggression and penalized my attempts to inject touch and variety a little more than I had hoped for.

Sporting an eye-catching teal color, the Head Boom Pro is sure to turn heads with its performance as well. Its combination of power, spin and stability make it a formidable weapon for advanced players. The crisp feel on contact will please modern players while also providing enough control and accuracy to interest classic frame lovers. Overall, the Head Boom Pro is uniquely positioned to appeal to a wide cross section of player levels and styles.



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