Solinco Strings Overview

Solinco has grown from a California based upstart to one of the top string manufacturers in the tennis world. Boasting a string lineup with massive appeal at the pro, college and recreational levels; Solinco has a string for every player. With such a large lineup of choices, it can be challenging for players to determine which string is right for them. Here’s a quick look at the Solinco string family and what each brings to the table.

Synthetic Gut & Multifilament

Pro Stacked Tennis String

This nylon string is Solinco’s base synthetic gut offering. It uses a central power core encapsulated by responsive fibers perfect for all court play. Players who want an affordable, durable string with feel and playability will find Pro Stacked up their alley.Solinco Pro Stacked Synthetic Gut

Vanquish Tennis String

This premium multifilament is built to mimic natural gut’s playability and a better price point. It uses a DuPont High Modulus polyamide fiber core with a unique resin bonding to promote touch and control. Vanquish offers outstanding power and comfort but does not quite match the spin potential of natural gut or polyesters. Players seeking maximum comfort and feel that won’t break the bank are a great match for Vanquish.Solinco Vanquish Multifilament Tennis String

X-Natural Tennis String

This multifilament plays a bit firmer than Vanquish and is also built to provide more spin. A high modulus fiber core is combined with a unique TPU resin for better elasticity and response. X-Natural uses a TPU-Silicone coating and Diamond Rough texture pattern to enhance spin production compared to other multifilaments. The texture pattern is less effective when the string is stretched under high tension. Players looking for the control and comfort of a multi with better spin and a crisper response should enjoy X-Natural.Solinco X-Natural Multifilament Tennis String


Outlast Tennis String

This string is Solinco’s do-it-all polyester. Its round design promotes playability and durability. While it lacks the eye popping spin or power of other models, Outlast provides reliable response and clean feel from everywhere on court. Outlast is used on the ATP tour by American star Jenson Brooksby.Solinco Outlast Tennis String

Revolution Tennis String

This 5 sided string is built to provide maximum power and ball control. It has a more lively feel and produces easy power. The shaped design grabs the ball to provide extra spin and grip. It has a bit firmer, plastic like feel that is more noticeable at lower racquet head speeds. Big hitters will enjoy the easy power and crisp response of Revolution.Solinco Revolution Tennis String

Barb Wire Tennis String

This string is all about grip. It has a design that is both shaped AND axially twisted for maximum grip on the ball. This design is incredibly effective for slice shots but the high string to string friction level may inhibit topspin levels compared to a less extremely shaped or slick string design. Big hitters may also find Barb Wire less durable due to its aggressive design but it will provide a huge amount of bite on the ball while it lasts.Solinco Barb Wire Tennis String

Tour Bite Tennis String

Tour Bite is Solinco’s OG poly. The firm, shaped design makes it ideal for players who hit with spin and racquet head speed. It has impressive control and durability while maximizing players’ ability to dictate play. For players with more sensitive arms, Solinco has Tour Bite Soft. Soft has a special blend of additives giving it more power and comfort than original TB while still producing high spin levels. For players after maximum grip, there is Tour Bite Diamond Rough. Diamond Rough has a diamond texture pattern that provides extra grip. While firmer than Tour Bite Soft, it is still noticeably softer than the original. Both TB Soft and Diamond Rough are also less tension stable than original so advanced players should expect to re-string those more regularly as they lose tension.Tour Bite Tennis String

Hyper-G Tennis String

One of the most recognizable strings in recent years, Hyper G’s spin is as loud as its neon green color. Similar in shape to Tour Bite, it produces huge spin while playing a bit more comfortably than Tour Bite. It also provides controlled power and enough feel to be dangerous from anywhere. Hyper G is also supremely tension stable and durable. Players looking for a bit more feel also have Hyper G Soft. The gape between Hyper G and Soft is not as big as it is in the Tour Bite family. Hyper G Soft plays similar to the original Hyper G, with just a bit more ball pocketing and cushion on contact.Solinco Hyper-G Tennis String

Confidential Tennis String

This string splits the difference between Tour Bite and Hyper G. Similar in design, it plays a bit more crisp than Hyper G while being slightly softer than Tour Bite. It retains impressive spin but also has control on par with Tour Bite. Confidential also holds tension extremely well and provides outstanding durability. Strong players looking for a blend of spin, playability and consistency will enjoy Confidential.Solinco Confidential Tennis String


With more and more players using Solinco at every level of play, they continue to deliver on their mission to allow every player reach their full potential. Whether it’s the consistent playability and feel of their synthetics and multifilaments or the game changing spin and power of their polyesters, Solinco has a string to help any player take the court with confidence.

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